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Which Zelda games you've played, and how far?

Zelda Nintendo CD-i

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 10:27 AM

The main complaint people have with Triforce Heroes is how the game is specifically made for multiplayer and how poorly optimized the single player is. It feels like the game was only going to have multiplayer but then they tacked on the single player because of people complaining that Four Swords is multiplayer only.


I really wanted to try it but since i know nobody that has the game, the only option i have is the single player. And no thank you.

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Posted 29 April 2017 - 01:53 AM

Gonna steal the general formatting from the first post cuz if I don't break up my thoughts I'll just have some big unwieldy blob of a post to deal with.  I won't be including any lines about Let's Plays -- it's rare that I watch Let's Plays of games to begin with, and I don't think I've ever watched any of a Zelda game.  I'm also gonna include speedrun-related stuff for the games I learned to speedrun.
The Legend of Zelda

  • Beaten both quests 100% at least once
  • Have beaten the first quest a few dozen times and can sorta speedrun it; I have a 39:15

The Legend of Zelda Randomizer

  • Beaten this probably about... 50 times or so.
  • I used to race this.  I never got super, super good at it, but I found it fun when I did play it regardless.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Beaten this twice: Once in 2006 and once in 2016, and 100%ed it on the most recent playthrough.  Got pretty far in a couple of playthroughs in 2009 and 2012, but both were aborted.
  • Unfortunately, I've never managed to beat it without doing the really cheap/cheesy corner stab thing on Dark Link.  I tried on the most recent playthrough, but eventually gave up because the Great Palace was driving me kinda insane...
  • Formerly criminally underrated, although I think time has warmed people up to it a lot.

A Link to the Past

  • Have seriously probably beaten this over 200 times.  100%ed it maybe 30 times or so.  I've also done probably every permutation of every possible glitchy way to beat the game by this point.
  • I used to try to beat it to completion at least once a year before I picked it up as a speedgame
  • I used to speedrun it; I actually got fairly decent, albeit not amazing at it (1:29:02 was my final time before I quit).
  • Once one of my favorite Zelda games; it'd still probably make my top 5, but I think it's been surpassed by a couple games, not least of which its sequel.  I dunno if speedrunning it to death has made me tired of it or if my feelings toward it have just changed...
  • Oh!  I've played the Game Boy Advance version a few times.  It has some neat differences, but I way prefer the original SNES version.

A Link to the Past Randomizer

  • Beaten it maybe 30 times or so?
  • I like it, although if I'm being honest I actually like Zelda 1's randomizer quite a bit more.

Link's Awakening

  • Beaten it maybe... hm... 20 times?  I've only 100%ed it once.  I never got all the camera things or whatever in DX I don't think?  My memories are fuzzy...
  • Most of those times I beat it were speedruns, although I was never a top-level player... I don't even remember what my time was.  I kinda only bothered to learn this because my friends were learning it a few years ago
  • Probably the only Zelda game I've seriously learned to speedrun without completely ruining it for myself
  • Probably in my top 5 Zelda games

Link: The Faces of Evil

  • I messed around with this in some emulator in like 2006 for a little bit
  • I've actually played this, like, at all, even briefly
  • That horrible, soul-withering realization just occurred to me
  • My lord
  • I didn't get to a dungeon or anything though, I don't think

BS The Legend of Zelda

  • Played parts of Map One once and again later on... I think I got through to the end of Level 3 both times.
  • I actually enjoyed this every time I played it, so I'm not sure why I haven't beaten it yet...
  • Even though I've been aware of its existence for forever, I actually only even tried playing it at all for the first time in maybe... 2009?  The first time I played it it was through a ROM patch, possibly the same one MottZilla did?  But I'm not sure... later on, I played the version that Bayta uploaded here not too long after it came out.  It seems pretty faithful, at least as far as I can tell.

BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

  • I've beaten every week of this
  • It's okay, although I feel like its dungeon design is kinda hollow.

Ocarina of Time

  • Beaten this 10 times or so.
  • I'm... not sure I've ever 100%ed this.  I don't really have an excuse other than it just never occurred to me to.  The weird thing is if you combine everything I've done in every playthrough I've ever done I've probably 100%ed it, but I've never, say, both finished the trading quest and gotten all the heart pieces in the same file.
  • I've raced this a few times without learning to properly speedrun it
  • I've probably watched more speedruns of this than any other game I don't actually speedrun

Majora's Mask

  • Beaten it once, way back in 2000, the year it came out.  I also 100%ed it then, making it the first Zelda I actually consciously 100%ed.
  • I tried playing it again twice in 2010 and 2012, but never got past Great Bay Temple.
  • I basically 100%ed it again in 2015, although I didn't actually beat it that time... I quit out of frustration in Stone Tower.

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

  • I beat Oracle of Seasons for the first time in like 2012.
  • Never beaten Ages.  I got past Skull Dungeon in 2012 but quit out of boredom.  So, no, I've never finished a linked game, either.
  • I actually got both games when they came out, but I didn't get terribly far in either one of them (Dancing Dragon for Seasons and whatever the second dungeon is for Ages)

The Wind Waker

  • Beat it in 2011; I'd really like to beat it again soon; maybe in the form of WWHD?
  • I played it when it came out but didn't like it at all at the time; it's now in my top 5 Zelda games, hah.  Beautiful world and atmosphere, adorable character designs, a few really great songs, tons to explore, and honestly probably the most physically fluid of any 3D Zelda I've played.  It just feels really good to play, even compared to other 3D Zeldas.  That's a thing I don't see mentioned often that I feel like should be.

Four Swords

  • I played it for like an hour
  • It sucked and was boring
  • Whatever

Four Swords Adventures

  • I honestly don't remember how far I made it.  I couldn't even tell you which world I was in...
  • I do, however, remember it being surprisingly fun for what it was.

The Minish Cap

  • I played through it before it even came out in the US (which was reallllllly controversial at the time and I felt bad for it).  Later I played it on cart though and actually beat it that time.  I don't think I ever bothered to 100% it.
  • It's... pretty good?  Not one of my favorites...

Twilight Princess

  • Beat it and 100%ed it when it came out, haven't played since! ;__;
  • I love it and really regret not having played it again... after I beat all the Zelda games I haven't beaten, or as soon as I crave a 3D Zelda so bad I can't stand it (whichever comes first), I'm gonna get TPHD so I can play that...
  • Only ever really played the GameCube version, but I've played around with the Wii version a little -- unlike Skyward Sword, I actually can't stand the motion controls in this one.  They're extremely basic and don't really add anything to the game.

Phantom Hourglass

  • I'm actually playing it right now.  I've gotten the farthest I've ever gotten so far (southeast sea quadrant, looking for the sword materials or whatever).  I've tried playing it two times before, didn't even make it to the second dungeon either time.
  • This game is mostly bad so far.  Maybe it'll improve, but I don't have high hopes... the dungeons are mostly boring, there are literally like three songs in the game (the dungeon music is THE SAME AS THE CAVE MUSIC -- they didn't even bother writing a different generic dungeon song!!! they just reused the cave music!!!!!) and a lot of the music that's there is extremely repetitive or boring.  Tedious controls (slashing gets tiresome and instructing Link to roll requires annoying precision), pixelly, uninspired visuals that are a watered down copy of Wind Waker's, being forced to yell into the mic makes me feel like a fucking circus animal being told to do tricks, and of course, you're forced to do Temple of the Ocean King like 20 times!!  To its credit, I guess, some of the map-related puzzles are clever, there are decent parts of dungeons, the new boomerang is actually a neat twist on an old item, there are actually a couple neat songs, and the Arrow Orbs are honestly a pretty good mechanic.  Outside of that one part where it forces you to yell into the mic, and outside of the parts where it forces you to draw shapes which are usually too picky, it uses some DS-hardware-specific stuff in actually pretty clever ways.  Oh, and I actually really like the cutout paper style for the intro cutscene; I think it's really cute and funny.

(Spirit Tracks)

  • I've never played it at all, but I'd like to.  Phantom Hourglass comes so frustratingly close to being good so often and it's making me really crave a game that's really similar to it but better, and I've heard this game is basically just that.  I actually think I might really like it. 

Skyward Sword

  • Finally beat it and 100%ed it for the first time earlier this year.  I've gotten a lot more disciplined about 100%ing things.
  • Now that I've given myself some distance from it, now that I've sorta given my opinion some time to germinate in my head, I can honestly say with certainty that this is my favorite Zelda game.  The few frustrating moments (which, I'll grant, are extremely frustrating -- certain overworld sections were just tedious and some of the motion controls were janky, although I'll note the sword controls, which make up the bulk of the motion controls, are actually great) are balanced out by the consistently clever and engaging dungeon design (no less than half of the dungeons in this game are brilliant and the others are at least in the category of "very good"), genuinely fun overworld sections and a Sky that's chock full of little islands with secrets to explore (although the ground rarely gives you any non-forced reason to revisit and explore it...).  It's absolutely beautiful for a 5-year-old Wii game, and most of the characters are extremely charming (I looove this game's incarnation of Zelda and Groose).  I could gush about all the little things I genuinely loved about this game for probably forever, and I am extremely excited to play Breath of the Wild.  The only category in which it's lacking is its soundtrack, which was honestly pretty disappointing and not memorable.  But outside of that, IT'S GOOD.  IT'S REALLY REALLY GOOD OMG

A Link Between Worlds

  • Beat it when it came out; I haven't actually beaten it since, but I've started a surprisingly high number of playthroughs in the relatively short amount of time since it's come out.
  • Never 100%ed, but I made significant progress when it came out...

(Hyrule Warriors)

  • Never played it, but I watched ProJared stream it on his Twitch channel for a little while once.  It actually looks pretty fun...

(Breath of the Wild)

  • No Switch yet ;_____; I wanna play it so bad uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I've played, and even beaten, way too many ZC quests to reasonably list.


The only Zelda ROM hack I've beaten is Goddess of Wisdom, which I actually liked quite a bit.

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Posted 02 May 2017 - 02:58 PM

I only played the LoZ (NES 1986) one only.

((beat all of the four quests))


I've kept on beating them when I was 7 hahaha

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Posted 02 May 2022 - 06:33 PM

Anyone want an update? No? Too bad. Update

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Did another playthrough in 2019 on actual console. Still really fun.

Link's Awakening (Switch)

  • 100%ed it at the end of 2020.

Link: The Faces of Evil

  • I beat the Game Maker version for the first time in early 2021
  • Okay, honestly? I didn't hate it
  • It's not a great game, but I almost think I like it more than the original Four Swords

Zelda: Wand of Gamelon

  • As above, I beat the Game Maker version for the first time in early 2021
  • Boy the endgame was underwhelming

Ocarina of Time

  • 100%ed this for the first time in 2020! It was fun, but a lot of the secrets are surprisingly obscure.

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

  • Did another playthrough in very early 2020; beat Seasons, got to Skull Dungeons in ages and quit again. Either I'm cursed, or every time I play through Moonlit Grotto I'm too exhausted to even continue. I'm still going with cursed.

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Posted 02 May 2022 - 07:50 PM

Updated thoughts on:
The Legend of Zelda - Have definitely 100%'d this since this thread. Still haven't touched Second Quest. Honestly have been entertaining the thought now and then, I just never get around to it.


Link's Awakening - Still love it, but now I can say I've 100%'d it as well.
Four Swords - Still gross.
Skyward Sword - "I enjoy its dungeons, graphics, story, and music." And nothing else. Calling the game good is now a stretch for me, because I love the dungeons, yes, but everything in-between them is such a chore and so dull that it really does hamper my enjoyment of the game nowadays.


A Link Between Worlds - I still think the game's enjoyable, but I'm now less enthusiastic about it. It has something to do with the fact that I was already a massive ALttP fan, so ALBW just comes off as derivative in hindsight. I know it was very much an intended direction, but some of the magic is gone when I know the world already.


And thoughts on new games since this thread:


Breath of the Wild - I fucking loved this game. Sure, it would be nice to have some more traditional-style dungeons. Sure, some of the shrines are repetitive and simplistic. And sure,, where's the goddamn hookshot? But just about everything else about this game is perfect. So much freedom of exploration, the combat is great, scavenging for parts and food items and cooking is awesome, it's so easy to lose so much time in. Yeah, durability is kind of a mixed bag, but there came a point it didn't matter because of how often I could just grab great weapons off enemies. I even beat it on Master Mode. I 100%'d the game! Er not Master Mode, but main game! Not counting amiibo-exclusive items. I even fully upgraded all available equipment! Not counting amiibo-exclusive items. Incredible experience.


Link's Awakening (Switch) - 100%'d this as well. Fantastic remake generally. I only have one sore spot here and I've covered that elsewhere.

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Posted 02 May 2022 - 08:45 PM

I forgot to mention I sunk a ridiculous number of hours into Breath of the Wild, but I never actually beat it. I strongly disliked the dungeons, but I loved the shrines and just running around exploring stuff. That was cool.

Link's Awakening (Switch) - 100%'d this as well. Fantastic remake generally. I only have one sore spot here and I've covered that elsewhere.

Oh good lord, don't remind me of Chamber Stones. The actual worst. Huge blemish on an otherwise perfect remake.

I didn't really share my full opinions on LASw, but they're mostly that it's a fun, gorgeous, and super charming remake. A lot of the dreamy charm of the original is lost, and I'd still want to play LADX sometimes, but it's replaced by a totally different and adorable charm. Not an identical charm, but an equally potent one.
Also, it's me, the Skyward Sword defender. I'm still defending Skyward Sword for some godforsaken reason. I think it's because I already pretty much only look forward to dungeons in Zelda games anyway, so, like, having to slog through extraneous and uninspired overworld stuff just to get to the good bits is pretty par for the course for 3D Zelda anyway. I mean, Skyward Sword isn't really any worse in that regard than Twilight Princess, to be honest.

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Posted 03 May 2022 - 09:14 AM

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

  • Did another playthrough in very early 2020; beat Seasons, got to Skull Dungeons in ages and quit again. Either I'm cursed, or every time I play through Moonlit Grotto I'm too exhausted to even continue. I'm still going with cursed.
Ages is a slog honestly, I’ve played both games so many times I know them like the back of my hand. I think the tipping point for your exhaustion could also be just getting to Crescent Island, having to go through the item retrieval, constantly having to trade for items back and forth, AND beat a mandatory mini-game just so you can press on to the Moonlit Grotto.
As much as it pains me to say it, it doesn’t get any easier until maaaaaybe after you clear Level 7. There’s a lot of running around and backtracking in Ages, which is a double edged sword; it still has some degree of linearity to it like your average 2D Zelda, but it breaks up the monotony of the overworld > dungeon > repeat formula that Seasons has. Not to say I hate Seasons, it was my first Zelda game and I love it - but it’s definitely straightforward in comparison.

In saying that, the amount of puzzles, mini-games and fiddling you have to do in Ages doesn’t ease up. If you’re bailing at Moonlit Grotto, that’s for the better honestly

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Posted 04 May 2022 - 07:32 PM

I'm probably gonna sound like a noob for saying this, but so far the only Zelda games I've played and beaten were The Legend of Zelda, which I beat two times, once in Zelda Classic and once with a rom. I also beat Minish Cap at least one or two times, and the last Zelda game I beat was Link's Awakening. I did attempt a full playthrough of Zelda II at one point, and I got quite far if I recall properly, though I lost track of what I was supposed to do and got fed up with the combat. Haven't really played any of the 3D Zelda's, like Ocarina of Time, but I swear I will get around to them someday.

Hello, past me.

Since making that original post in 2017, I have acquired a Wii and a Switch. I have beaten A Link to the Past, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Breath of the Wild (which I still play every now and then for sidequests). Still have yet to play Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask though. I swear I will get to them sooner or later. Feel like I couldn't call myself a true Zelda fan if I haven't played those ones.

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Posted 05 May 2022 - 01:55 AM

They're both bad and you can skip them.


I'm kidding they're good. With Ocarina of Time, don't expect to be blown away playing a 1998 3D game in [current year], but there's still pretty solid level design and you can see how it codified the series since then, up until Breath of the Wild. The 3DS version is smoother, mind, but the N64 version is still more than playable.


Majora's Mask also suffers from some similar hiccups of the early 3D era, mostly the fact it was unfortunately stuck on the N64. The 3DS remake is fine, in my opinion, but it's a contentious remake due to some elements, mainly in the boss department. I'd say in the modern era it's definitely the more unique and memorable of the two N64 games, even if I personally prefer OoT, but it definitely makes up for the fact that it's a Nintendo 64 game with its charm and themes.


Also, it's me, the Skyward Sword defender. I'm still defending Skyward Sword for some godforsaken reason. I think it's because I already pretty much only look forward to dungeons in Zelda games anyway, so, like, having to slog through extraneous and uninspired overworld stuff just to get to the good bits is pretty par for the course for 3D Zelda anyway. I mean, Skyward Sword isn't really any worse in that regard than Twilight Princess, to be honest.


So for me, Twilight Princess's overworld is still just that: An overworld. It's distinct from the dungeon gameplay and still offers room to run around in, even if a lot of that space is empty and unrewarding. Skyward Sword, on the other hand, has very constrained and restricted overworld segments that play out a lot like a dungeon in and of themselves, and none of it is as good as the actual dungeons. Almost none of it; Sandsea is fucking awesome. So I see it as a different sort of "chore" than the in-between segments in Twilight Princess and it's why Skyward Sword frustrates me in that area while Twilight Princess does not. :shrug:

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Posted 05 May 2022 - 02:00 AM

Zelda 1
-Beaten first and second quest, getting all heart containers, but not true 100% i.e. max bomb bag upgrades. Fun fact: maxed out the death counter at 255 (which I believe counts between 1st and 2nd quests)
-I enjoyed it, probably in my top 5. I like the simple overworld-dungeon structure. I hope Nintendo someday remasters it and does stuff like add villages and other things that could not have fit on an NES cartridge
-I think first I played the GBA port, then later played the wii virtual console version. Eventually gonna play the version on the little zelda game and watch style device nintendo released recently.

Zelda 2
-Beaten New Game and New Game+, occasionally replay it from time to time. Have gotten all magic and heart containers (they're kind of required, great palace is brutal)
-Top 3 favorite, the lore/backstory is so grandiose and almost dark souls-y. I appreciate the more action-y aspect and trying to compensate the lack of items/tools with magic spells. Also how big the world is, even if it was an illusion due to NES limits.
-Also the GBA port, same as Zelda 1 pretty much since I got them both on the GBA simultaneously.

-Fully beaten to my knowledge, including stuff in the GBA port (palace of the four sword, etc.)
-I like it well enough, feels like the most definitive of the 2D zeldas to me. Probably top 5 but definitely top 10.
-Also also the GBA port, don't remember if I've played any other versions.

Link's Awakening
-Fully beaten
-It didn't really stand out to me too much, but I like all zelda games. Being the first game to give dungeons unique themes also stands out and is something I like.
-Original GB cartridge version, not GBC/DX

Ocarina of Time
-Fully beaten
-It was my first game and I loved it as a kid. Then I played other zeldas and this dropped to my top 10.
-Original N64 version, haven't replayed it fully since although i've tried here and there including emulated and Switch virtual console

Majora's Mask
-Fully beaten including all masks and hear containers gotten
-My absolute favorite game, if pressed to order my top 3 definitively. Otherwise it is ambiguously in my top 3 because the top 3 are my favorites in different categories. This is my favorite for atmosphere/tone.
-Original N64 version, then Wii Virtual Console version and now Switch Virtual Console.

Oracle of Seasons
-Fully beaten, including linked game ending. Maybe not 100% rings collected though.
-Maybe biased because it was the only one of the two I owned, but I like it better than ages. Has some of the better tracks and the seasons mechanic was fairly unique I think. close to the edge (either side) of top 10.
-Only GBC/original version, planning on eventually replaying it on 3DS Virtual Console

Oracle of Ages
-Beaten, but not its linked ending I don't think. Just beat it as a stepping stone to Seasons linked ending.
-It didn't particularly stand out, some of the bosses were cool.
-GBC version

Master Quest
-Have not played, but want to/on the list

Four Swords
-Beaten with a cousin, I got a link cable for it. Just once though.
-Certainly a unique take but not very deep. Felt like zelda as a mini game, but by no means unpleasant.
-GBA/original version, not that it released on anything else

Wind Waker
-Beaten, but not second quest I don't think. Don't remember if 100%ed at all.
-It was ehhhhh, the ocean was kind of annoying and how heavily it is overrated by everyone else makes my opinion lessen, especially since its art style is just an excuse for Nintendo to justify bad console hardware. Definitely below top 10.
-Gamecube version only

Four Swords Adventures
-Played but not beaten. The presentation was completely unlike any other zelda and I should definitely go back and beat it someday.
-From what I remember it was okay. It felt.. cramped? Like a blown up gameboy/handheld game. Which given its compatability with the GBA via link cable, makes sense.
-Emulated only

The Minish Cap
-Played 99% of it, but I was emulating and it would just suddenly reset in what was probably the last room before the final boss (a large room involving whirlwinds you had to find a way across). will finish it properly someday.
-its artistic proximity (aren't I pretentious) to windwaker slightly made me feel like I was only playing it ot tick it off the list, but I liked it overall. felt like it could have had the depth of a 3D zelda almost, despite being 2D.
-Emulated only

Twilight Princess
-Fully beaten, maybe not 100% hearts or anything like that.
-My top 3 favorite. I love its art style, despite the blurry textures. I long for a visually similar game someday. Was dark souls-y before dark souls, another plus.
-Original Gamecube, and also Wii Version

Link's Crossbow Training
-Played but not beaten
-I liked it, don't get the hate. It's just a singular minigame with a TLoZ:TP skin on it. There needs to be more Zelda media/spinoffs.
-Played it on my hacked/homebrewed Wii off a USB

Phantom Hourglass
-Not beaten, played a chunk of it.
-Temple of Ocean King aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and the sailing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
-Actually got a physical DS copy years later from gamestop to try on my 3DS, will finish it someday.

Spirit Tracks
-Never played, will do so eventually to tick it off the list.

Skyward Sword
-Beaten but maybe not 100%ed
-At the time, I thought poorly of it because of its linearity and story-focused design. Breath of the Wild quickly made me recant. Maybe top 10.
-Original Wii Version (Preordered!) and later Switch Remaster (because of BotW)

A Link Between Worlds
-Only recently acquired and playing through it. It seems to not have grabbed me because I kinda dropped it suddenly and went back to switch gaming. But I'll finish it.
-On paper I like it. I like the expansion of A Link to the Past that it is, and things like weaving a plot into the Thieves' Hideout and other places. The bracelet/wall-merging mechanic allows for more puzzle possibilities but I don't care for it too much. Item renting turned out to not be a problem as I initially feared
-3DS Digital version

Hyrule Warriors
-Have not played but want to, will grab one of the later versions that has all the DLC packed into it. I think it's on the switch too? Or wii u.

Tri Force Heroes
-Not played, should probably buy it at some point

Breath of the Wild
-Played and beaten, fuck 100%ing it. After 80-ish hours I went "BORED NOW!" and tossed it into a volcano.
-Hate it. As a game by itself it's fine. Certainly better than most other non-nintendo open world games. As a "Zelda Game", the worst. Empty, lazily made. "Here's a big map with nothing. Content? Here's a physics engine you simpleton"
-It's only on the Switch, of course.

Cadence of Hyrule
-Partially played, the rhythm thing kinda screwed me and playing with it off defeats the purpose, but eventually I will beat it. Greatly enjoy an indie dev playing with the Zelda IP and what they did with it here. i.e. playable zelda, fun themed bosses.
-Only on the Switch, digital edition

Link's Awakening Switch Remake
-Beat it, don't remember if 100%ed
-I liked it, likely top 10.
-Only on the Switch

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
-Played the demo, love the action aspect. If it ever goes on sale will buy it to play it fully, but if it doesn't i'll eventually cave in and buy it anyways.

Skyward Sword HD/Switch Remaster
-Beat it, but not 100%ed
-Enjoyed it as much as the wii version at time of release, without the drop in opinion that followed the wii version's completion. Handcrafted dungeons and a variety of items that aren't swords and shields and armor, my beloved. What a fool I was to spurn you in 2011.
-Only on the Switch, of course.

Have not played any zeldas on the Wii U nor the 64 remakes on the 3DS but i'll eventually get to them. I don't watch any lets plays or really consume youtube content like that.

That's it I think.

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Posted 05 May 2022 - 02:51 AM

Breath of the Wild:

  • In less than 3-4 weeks I'll beat this game. ;)

That was more or less true. It's a really great game! It did what it set out to do and saved the series as a result. I enjoyed every aspect of the game apart from the sidequest content. Though that seems to be a personal issue with almost every Zelda game. Here's to hoping the sequel realizes its full potential. I think my list has stayed mostly the same. I fear some games have fallen a little from favor, and some have gained a little more love. But that's usually what happens when each entry of the series is so damn good.


I've played LANS, there isn't much to say other than I find it baffling they removed the photo sidequest. Dampe could've been in that 2x2 wasteland area. Visuals and music are the strongest part of this remake. I haven't played SSHD yet. Not because I hate SS, mostly because I wasn't really a fan of how basic the remaster seems to feel. I might just bite the bullet and purchase it just to retry SS.


I did beat Age of Calamity. Ignoring the huge lag issues, I think the gameplay is great, perhaps even better than the original Hyrule Warriors. Story is where it all falls apart. It was a complete disservice to BotW, with a bunch of new leads that went nowhere and nonsensical story changes. Looking beyond that, the game definitely was a fun filler thing that simply over-promised in what it was trying to be.

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Posted 05 May 2022 - 05:27 AM

Four Swords
-GBA/original version, not that it released on anything else

Breath of the Wild
-It's only on the Switch, of course.

I hate to be 'that person', but actually... XD


Four Swords was re-released on DSiWare (and, by extention, the 3DS eShop) for a limited time as part of the LOZ 25th Anniversary celebrations. It included some new additions, such as a single-player option and some new levels.


Breath of the Wild was released on the Wii U as well as Switch.


I imagine you will likely be going 'well, duh!' at me. I just thought the wording up there implied certain console exclusitivities.


I don't think I've ever done such an in-depth list of my Zelda collection/accomplishments for this thread, myself. Maybe I'll get around to it sometime. Or maybe not. Who knows?

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Apologies for the double-post, but I've put together my list of Zelda games and (lack of) accomplishments. It's been a long time since I played a lot of these games, though, so my memory might be a little hazy. But this is the general gist of it, anyway...


Legend of Zelda

  • Formats owned: NES, GC (Collector's Edition), 3DS Virtual Console (3DS 'Ambassador'), NES Mini, LoZ Game & Watch
  • Started several times, only beaten twice. Of these, only one run was - to my knowledge - 100%.
  • Started Second Quest once, but couldn't even make it past the first dungeon. I'll have to try that mode again, one day.


Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Formats owned: NES, GC (Collector's Edition), GBA, 3DS Virtual Console (3DS 'Ambassador'), NES Mini, LoZ Game & Watch
  • Started several times, never beaten. Furthest I've gotten might be around three dungeons in. I'm not sure. UPDATE: I have since beaten this game, with all magic containers and hearts. (Yes, I used 'the trick' to beat Link's Shadow. I didn't fully realise that trick would make the fight that easy.)
  • I find this to be one of those games that becomes more enjoyable as the player improves, both in levelling up and in learning tricks and tactics to defeat enemies.


A Link to the Past

  • Formats owned: SNES, SNES Mini
  • Beaten once or twice, neither to 100% completion.
  • The first Zelda game I played, and one of my favourites.
  • I was originally interested in getting the GBA remake, until I tried it out on a demo pod when the game was released, and the constant single 'young Link' scream every time Link swung his sword put me off. :P


Link's Awakening/LADX

  • Formats owned: GB, 3DS Virtual Console, LoZ Game & Watch
  • I have beaten the original version twice and the DX version once (including the colour dungeon). However, only one of these was a 'no death' run.
  • This one was the first Zelda game I actually beat.


Ocarina of Time/OOT3D

  • Formats owned: N64, GC (WW bonus disc, Collector's Edition), 3DS
  • Started a few times, never finished. Furthest I've gotten is beating all the temples.
  • I have never tried the Master Quest.
  • I do admit to getting caught up in the hype back in the day. Nevertheless, I do enjoy it a lot, and rank it among my favourites (not that I can really rank them into an order. I have a lot of trouble with things like that).


Majora's Mask

  • Formats owned: N64, GC (Collector's Edition)
  • Started, but never finished. Furthest I've done is the first two dungeons, I think.
  • This one is one of my least favourites. I can appreciate the story and characters and such, but that time limit and how the save system works run counter to how I tend to play Zelda games. This is not for lack of trying to get into the game, but it's just 'not for me'.


Oracle of Ages/Seasons

  • Formats owned: GBC
  • Played through both games once as a linked game, starting with Ages. Neither done to 100%.


Wind Waker

  • Formats owned: GC
  • Started, but not finished. I know I managed to reach the Puppet Ganon battle. I think I once got as far as the later forms, but I never reached the final Ganondorf battle.
  • I admit I was put off by the 'Toon Link' design when it was first revealed, but it ultimately all comes together nicely.


Four Swords

  • Formats owned: 3DS (DSiWare - 25th Anniversary Edition)
  • I've managed to beat all the levels except for the last few parts of the extra levels.
  • I only got to play the multiplayer mode (ie. how it was meant to be played) once, so I cannot comment on that.


Minish Cap

  • Formats owned: GBA
  • Played through and beaten once. Not to 100%, though.
  • My favourite 'Toon Link' game. I like it a lot.


Twilight Princess

  • Formats owned: GC, Wii
  • Beaten the GC version 100% at least twice. Started the Wii version, but not beaten it.
  • One of my favourites. I particularly liked the improved horseback battles. They were fun.


Phantom Hourglass

  • Formats owned: DS
  • Started but not beaten. I'm sure I got a good way into the game, but I cannot say how far I've actually gotten.
  • Both DS Zeldas are among my least favourites. Some of the touchscreen stuff is OK (eg. plotting boat paths, that one island you have to map, yourself), but I do wish Nintendo didn't force such controls throughout the whole game. And the recurring 'Ocean King' dungeon can go do one.


Spirit Tracks

  • Formats owned: DS
  • Started, never beaten. I think I reached the second dungeon or so.


Skyward Sword

  • Formats owned: Wii
  • Started, never finished. I think I was at the volcano area/fire dungeon.


Link Between Worlds

  • Formats owned: 3DS
  • Beaten once, not to 100%, I don't think.
  • I have not tried Hero Mode.
  • I was initially worried about the 'item renting' system, but that soon ceased to be a concern. I do admit that, during the heyday of Streetpass, I got rather hooked on the Shadow Link battles.


Breath of the Wild

  • Formats owned: Wii U
  • Started, not beaten. I have reactivated all four Divine Beasts, and done a large amount of the shrines.
  • This is one I find very difficult to judge. I do enjoy playing it, but I can't really bring myself to class it as the masterpiece that many others do. Maybe I'm blinded by nostalgia, or maybe it just doesn't 'click' with me the same way that other Zelda games do. It's still OK, though, don't get me wrong.

Also, the spin-offs...


Link's Crossbow Training

  • Formats owned: Wii
  • I don't think I've finished all the tasks. I'm not sure.


My Nintendo Picross - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • Formats owned: 3DS
  • Completed all the puzzles.
  • I love Picross games, so having a Zelda-themed one was great. I was actually disappointed that this never branched off into a full series of Nintendo-themed Picross games.

I could say more about some of these games, but I think this is long enough as it is.

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