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Design your own MegaMan boss!

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#46 Nightmeres



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Posted 01 October 2011 - 02:34 PM

Name: Debbie
Type: robot master
Creators: mega man, base and protoman
Story: they found a asteroid and decided to mess with it and it exploded destroying them and everything around them and it absorbs them. Then she transformed into her 1st form and started to rampage.
General Malcontent: about 5' 10", owns a staff, controls sand, water and wind
Attack 1: sand storm
Attack 2: tsunami
Attack 3: hurricane
Super Attack: mega storm, all three attacks combined
Mode 1: human form
Mode 2: angel form
Mode 3: dragon form
Item earned: wet, windy and sandy slash

#47 RohanGarm


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Posted 24 November 2013 - 06:36 PM

Name: MechaTronne
Type: Maverick(?)
Creators: Dr.Wily, Sigma (Improved)
Story: MechaTronne is actually the severely injured body of Tron Bonne from Mega Man Legends after having finally bitten off more then she could chew, and left dead after running afoul of a terrorist unit. Dr. Wily found the injured criminal and took her to his lab where she was converted into a Robot Master. She foight Rock to a draw, eventually breaking free from Wily's control before his final battle with Megaman. Due to her enhanced body her life span was enhanced exponentially. Cut to the far future of MegamanX. While she was ought stealing energy to sustain her life, she was found by a newly renegade Sigma who subdued her and converted her to a Maverick, improving on WIly's original designs.
General Malcontent: Looks just like Tron Bonne, only with parts of her flesh replaced with cybernetic parts, her clothes replaced with armor similar to X and Zero's. She wears a cloak/cape similar to Sigma and wields dual energy swords.
Attack 1: Flash Saber. She ignites her energy swords and dashes around the screen madly, bouncing off the walls and cieling.
Attack 2: Servbot Barrage. She summons a stampede of servebots who explode on contact one hitting X.

Super Attack:  Servebot Titan. She summons a huge piloted servebot mecha that fires lasers and large homing rockets at X.

Item earned: Servebot Shield. A shield made of five servebot shields that can be fired one at a time if not taking hits, to home in on X's enemies.

#48 DaLink


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Posted 29 December 2013 - 08:26 PM

Name: Man Man v2 (This is a joke BTW)

Type: Robot Master 
Creator: The Man of the man in that manly place who had the man in it.
Story: The man made the man do this thing for the man and the man thought the man was a bad man, so he left the man and destroyed the man for the man in that place with that man. Did I mention he was a man? The end.
General Malcontent: Looks like a man.
Attack 1: Man Shield: Uses a man as a shield to avenge his man.

Attack 2: Man Magnet: Attracts men to create a stampede.

Superattack: Super Ultra Mega Hyper Double Triple Manly Man Torture. Takes off his shirt and tortures you with his horrible singing, dancing and man-boobs. Good Luck!

Attack learned: Man Suit: You dress up as a man for Halloween just to steal children's candy when you arrested and 20 years later, Dr. Wily is the supreme overlord of pancakes. He currently trains his army of dancing ballerina stormtroopers and BEN clones. Game Over. ALL UR BASE BELONG TO US. 

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 08:52 PM

Name: Retail Employee Man
Type: Robot Master
Creator: Some random corporation.  Maybe Wal-Mart?
Story: He got really bored of bagging groceries and stocking store shelves one day and decided to attack Mega Man and join Dr. Wily or something
General Malcontent: He looks like a generic tallish retail employee with a big blue vest and shortish curly hair.  Also his arm is a gun for some reason.  As for his personality, he's pretty plain.  He says "dude" and "bro" a lot and really digs watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and playing guitar.

- Frosted Donut Blaster: His job as a retail employee means he has access to lots of donuts -- which he will attack you with!  Better watch out before you get in a sticky situation (from donut frosting)!

- Glazed Donut Blaster: Same, but, like, they're plain glazed donuts instead of frosted ones.
Superattack: Consider Going Back To College: Your movement is slowed as Retail Employee Man forces you to listen to him talk about how he'd like to go back to school someday, or maybe move to Seattle or something!  He's not really sure!

Attack learned: Cry: :cry:

#50 SkyLizardGirl


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Posted 14 March 2015 - 05:23 PM

Name:  Valkyrie Woman

Type:  Robot Master

Creator:  Dr. Scepter 

Story:  Valkyrie Woman is a guardian Female robot Master - she guards a Magical illusion tower atops mountains on a flying cloudbase aiship called the O.D.I.N. fortress which in turn is used to scope out military machinery in battle and take out various forces threatening her base she protects from enemies such as Dr. Wily - Who eventually captures her using Viking Man and in turn reprograms her along with Pegasus Man to wreck havoc on Mega Man's current resident base.

General Malcontent:  Lots of Armor and spears hanging out from her dress and holds a very long Spear/trident and is considered one of the deadliest robot masters - considering she might be top of the last of the 8 you eventually have to fight in order to complete the 8 bosses. She is best beat as a Seventh boss however using everyone else's weapons. Her colors Consist of turquoise

gold and white as her Weapon Spear Trident is mostly gold with a Emerald jewel engraved near the knives of the lance's spear.


Example: A short example of 'how she could looks' is seen here, belows:   


Attacks:  Valkyrie Lightning Storm Spear / Golden Solar Eaglehawks Mirror Shield

Superattack:  Valkyrie Lancer Meteor Falcon Dive

Attack learned:  Valkyrie Lightning Storm Spear

Weakness:  Turtle Mans - Whacker Shell Weapon

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#51 DrillMandrill20XX


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Posted 26 August 2019 - 12:08 AM

Name: Bass MK II
Type: Robot Master
Story: Dr. Wily's penultimate creation. Had similar problems to Zero, but isn't a complete psychopath prior to joining the Maverick Hunters because of it. Challenges X and Zero (mainly Zero) multiple times before joining them.
General Malcontent: Bass, but with some elements reminiscent of Zero. Has a laser gatling gun for a buster.
Attacks: fires Forte Buster Mk III, Special Weapons
Superattack: N/A
Weapon get: himself
Personality: Basically a more arrogant Zero.
Weakness: X-Variable Rock (X), Black Armor (Zero)

Name: Carib Le'rein (Magma Deer)
Type: Maverick
Creator: Dr. Doppler
Story: Sided with Lumine through logic alone.
General Malcontent: Think "Flame Stag", but a female reindeer.
Attacks: Flame Stag's attacks, Street Fighter moves, Boomerang Cutters on fire, burning Metal Blades
Superattack: N/A
Weapon get: Hadouken (X, Quint, Bass), Purojekushonfaia (Zero)
Purojekushonfaia: Zero dashes forward across half of your screen before doing the warp thing Sigma does in X2 to return to his previous position.
Weakness: Blade Cheetah's Neo Sonic Slicer (Quint, Bass), X-Variable Harpuia (X), Chill Penguin's Zero Shotgun (Zero)
Stage location: Volcanic Zone in winter
Stage theme: remix of Flame Stag's stage theme

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#52 DrillMandrill20XX


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Posted 26 August 2019 - 11:40 AM

Follow up to previous post:
Name: Quint
Type: Robot Master
Creator: Dr. Thomas Light
Story: The penultimate creation of the good doctor, Quint was discovered by X during a mission given to him by a Doctor Light capsule. Quint, having a good metaphysical battery, joined the Maverick Hunters.
General Malcontent: A green and gold Mega Man with a golden V. Has a red pogo stick with a spike on the bottom and golden handlebars. It's called Sakugarne.
Attacks: Q-buster (Mega Buster Mk. 16), Special Weapons, Sakugarne
Superattack: N/A
Weapon get: nothing
Gameplay style: Classic Mega Man
First game: Mega Man X10

Name: Io
Type: Stardroid
Creator: ???
Story: Created by an alien civilisation. Invades in X10.
General Malcontent: Volcano-like female robot with references to Fire Man, Sword Man, and Splash Woman. Colored like a pepperoni pizza.
Attacks: Generic lava attacks, placing Minecraft Lava Buckets, flaming swords
Superattack: Flood basalt (floods the bottom half of the arena with lava that turns into a new arena that will become usable some time later)
Weapon get: Molten Buster (X, Bass, Quint), Kazan-zashi (Zero)
Molten Buster: Fires exploding balls of lava; Charged version: Sprays lava upwards, causing a spray downwards, similar to Rising Fire's normal shot and Ray Splasher's charge shot.
Kazan-zashi: verticle stab that yeets you upwards, then slams you downward, causing a molten shockwave. In the air, it skips the upward part. tl;dr: IT'S A SCREEN NUKE.

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