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Circular Movement


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Posted 13 December 2013 - 02:35 PM

Circular Motion

This script allows for a freeform combo to move in a circular pattern. This can also be made into an oval and rotated at the center.
Screenshots and Demo
//Include this line once at the top of your script file.
import "std.zh"
ffc script CircularMotion
    void run(int radius, int speed, int angle, int radius2, int angle2)
        if(radius2 == 0) radius2 = radius; //Circle
        if(angle < 0) angle = Rand(360); //Random Start
        int cx = this->X;
        int cy = this->Y;
            angle += speed;
            if(angle < -360)angle+=360; //Wrap if below -360.
            else if(angle > 360)angle-=360; //Wrap if above 360.
                this->X = cx + radius*Cos(angle);
                this->Y = cy + radius2*Sin(angle);
            else //Rotate at center.
                this->X = cx + radius*Cos(angle)*Cos(angle2) - radius2*Sin(angle)*Sin(angle2);
                this->Y = cy + radius2*Sin(angle)*Cos(angle2) + radius*Cos(angle)*Sin(angle2);
Place the ffc at it's center and set it's attributes as follows. D3 and D4 are optional.
  • D0: radius in pixels.
  • D1: speed of rotation in degrees.
  • D2: starting position in degrees. If negative it will be random.
  • D3: radius2, this is used for the Y Axis, if set it will turn into a oval.
  • D4: angle2, this will cause the oval to be rotated at it's center like in the picture above.
Requires std.zh which is included with ZC.

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