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Three Crests


THREE CRESTS 2022 DEMO II is out! (also Deathrider LP!)

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#1 Taco Chopper

Taco Chopper

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Posted 20 November 2022 - 10:16 AM



Demo v 2.2 download page | Mirror

ZC 2.55 a111/112 (November 3 2022 build) or higher!


I wasn't going to release a second demo so soon after the first one released in April, but the progress this project has taken since that release has meant it's become a very different quest. Most of it has been quality of life improvements or area reworks, but there is also a lot of new content in here as well.

What makes up this demo's content?
  • Two thirds of playable overworld
  • SEVEN mini-dungeons
  • Non-linear gameplay. Once you get the sword, you can go straight to the end of the demo if you desire.
So, what's in this demo compared to the April demo, then?
  • Z4/GB enemies - courtesy of Mitchfork's Crucible Crest/PoRC engine.
  • Reworked areas from the April demo - Glen Village and the Undershrine dungeon have been totally rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Expanded overworld - the mountain ranges of West Merrel are cold, foreboding and calling your name.
  • Reworked subscreens and overworld map - the overworld map functions like the map in the Gameboy games (thanks again Mitch!), while the new subscreens are much more pleasing to the eye.
  • Odd seashells - these currently do nothing as of this demo, but collect as many as you can and brag about it to your friends!
  • Other, less interesting things - stuff like scripts, sprite updates, etc.
Taco Chopper

Aslion, jwex001, Mitchfork, Sheik

Akkabus, Lightwulf, Ether, accela2me, Orithan, Taco Chopper, nickbush24, Sheik

scripting + scripting advice:
Aslion, Mitchfork, Moosh, ywkls, Emily
just scripting:
Alucard648, Avaro, Mani Kanina, Saffith

beta testing:
Aslion, aroten, jwex001, hubydweyer, Mitchfork, Sheik, Shane, Ether, Deathrider365

To everyone who's contributed to this project so far, be it in the form of feedback, testing, scripting, graphics, you name it - thank you very much. I wouldn't be releasing this demo right now if the community around me wasn't as supportive and constructive as you all are.

Additionally, this demo wouldn't exist without Deathrider365 asking me about the gameplay time of the first demo - it took me two months to get the demo to him, whoops. He streamed a playthrough of the demo yesterday, with myself on special comments:

Finally, please let me know if there's any bugs I've missed, or if there's any feedback you'd like to give!

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#2 Taco Chopper

Taco Chopper

    protector of the darn universe

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  • Real Name:Dan
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  • Location:South Australia

Posted 21 November 2022 - 12:37 AM

well, only half a day since it's been out but a new hotfix is on the way. jwex001 messaged me this morning with a very solid bug report; nothing too game-breaking, but it's all been patched up - say hello to version 2.1 lol


it's already available from the mirror link, while the project's demo link will be updated when admin ticks off on it.

#3 Sheik



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Posted 21 November 2022 - 12:02 PM

I think it's a good call to have a 2nd demo instead of what you originally planned. Loved the stream, too!

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