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Would you participate in an LP Thread?

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#1 SpacemanDan


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Posted 14 October 2010 - 02:56 PM

I've been planning on doing a giant Let's Play thread for the Adventure Island series, which spans about 9 or 10 games. I have the resources at present to play through and make a Let's Play of all of them, with the exception of the Wii game, since I don't own either a Wii or a capture card. icon_razz.gif There's a few other things I'm thinking about adding in the mix, like a AI3 Rom hack I found (Called the Lost Isles, actually. icon_razz.gif) as well as another little game.

To make each video a little different and to make my life more of a living hell for these games, I'll post a list of restrictions for whichever game I'm playing, and you'll be able to vote on what condition I'll have to apply to the next video. Each video will be divided by world. These effects, unless otherwise stated, will last the entirety of the game I'm playing. Once the next game starts, I'm on a clean slate and start back from square one, seeing as each game has some different things and different challenges I can apply to it. Votes will be done through posting, and not through a poll. (For many obvious reasons. icon_razz.gif) In the event that one level particularly becomes impossible literally with a specific challenge in play, I will remove the condition, do the level, the re-apply it right after. And I will make make sure to announce that. icon_razz.gif

While the videos themselves will feature absolutely no deaths, if people want to see me fail (and I assure you,there will be plenty of fail to go around, given these conditions), I'll be more than willing to put together an outakes video, featuring some failures on my part. icon_razz.gif

Anyways, the point of this thread is to see if people would actually partake, even if all you do is drop in a vote. I'll post a real thread depending on interest.

#2 SpacemanDan


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Posted 17 October 2010 - 07:20 AM

It doesn't seem like there's much interest, but I'll give this one more go, plus an update on the status.

The first video is recorded and complete with commentary. Should everything go well and I finish uploading my Light of the Heavens DX Let's Play by the end of the week, I'll be posting the thread (if there's enough interest here, but there is another site I'm posting this thread) and the first video in two weeks.

I've also recorded the first video for the second game, since, hey! I can record the first part of all the games since there's no conditions applied to them. icon_razz.gif They won't go up until later, through, for obvious reasons. icon_wink.gif Commentary won't be done until the time comes, though.

Looking on it, I've decided to change things a little. There will be conditions and challenges for almost all the games, but a few will be exempt.

Here's a list that will get conditions and challenges applied to it:
Adventure Island (NES)
Adventure Island II (NES)
Adventure Island III (NES)
[Since this game is exactly like AI II, I'll probably use the same conditions.)
Super Adventure Island (SNES)
Adventure Island (GB)
Adventure Island II (GB)

Games without challenges:
Adventure Island III: Lost Isles (NES Hack) [Being a Rom hack, and one I've played a little of, it's already hard enough. I don't want added frustration to it. icon_razz.gif)
New Super Adventure Island (Turbo Grafx) [I've never played this game until recently, (actually, I only found out about it's existence recently. O_o) It'll be blind, but still feature a 'perfect' run. Bloopers and out takes will be plentiful, though. Because I have no idea what is and isn't possible with it, I won't have anything for it.]

Games I'm unsure of:
Adventure Island IV (NES) [This is a metroidvania kind of game. If I can come up with a fair list of conditions and challenges, I'll do it. If I can't, it'll be a minimalist run, sticking with the most basic weapon wherever I can.]
Super Adventure Island II (SNES) [Same as above]
Adventures of Dino Riki (NES) [Not exactly part of the Adventure Island series, it does feature a caveman and it's made by Hudson. So, why not? It's a shmup, though, and aside from limiting my powerups, there isn't too much I can restrict. I'm leaving this in the gray, however, to see if anyone else can come up with something better.]

As for voting, I decided on times and stuff. Once the video goes up, voting is open. Voting will end two days after the video goes up. After that, I'll post the next video a day later, provided nothing in life manages to get in the way to stop me.

So yeah, there's the details I've been ironing out recently. Thoughts? Suggestions? Is there any interest in this?

By the way, thanks to those who have voted. icon_smile.gif

EDIT: After playing Adventure Island II on the GB a bit, I decided I'm going to give it conditions. It's a lot like Adventure Island III, so I'll be fairly familiar with it.

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