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Probation and Ban Log

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Posted 18 July 2011 - 06:37 PM

This topic serves as a log for probations and bans so that you know what's up if someone isn't posting when you are expecting them to post since there isn't a very obvious way of telling if someone is currently under a posting probation.
This isn't meant as a public humiliation topic. If the staff catches you harassing these people on PureZC, the rules will still apply to you and you may end up finding yourself on this list as well.
Minor offenses won't be recorded here unless they lead to a probation or ban from adding up points. Ban evasions that don't make it very far before being handled also won't be recorded here for the sake of saving time, though the ban length of an existing ban will be updated here if it needs to be.
If you were banned or restricted and do not know why, check to see if you received any PMs from a staff member and check your warnings.  Your warnings can be accessed by going to your profile and clicking on the "X warning points" link under your avatar.
Action Types
Posting probations are not too big a deal because they are always for extremely short lengths of time (1 or 2 days) and you can still interact with the site quite a bit. They are meant as brief breaks from posting. You should still take them seriously and strive to not make a repeat performance, but they are definitely not the end of the world if you get one.
Chat bans are obviously bans that happen from the chatroom.
Bans [from the entire site], on the other hand, are when the staff pulls out the big guns. If the staff are issuing a ban, you either have 9 warning points or the staff has lost patience with you and feels (usually after a vote) that you need to take a more serious break from PureZC. You cannot use most of the site while you are under a ban and if you use the chat, you'll also be banned from there.

User --- Staff Action --- Date of Action --- Expiration Date


Seth --- Banned --- Forever

Duplicate account of Item.


Item --- Banned -- Indefinite

Repeated harassment, spamming, troll behavior, and ban evading.


Item --- Banned -- 05/06/2016 --- 05/13/2017

Harassment of several members and generally disruptive behavior.


Rambly --- Banned -- 11/9/2016 --- 04/27/2017

Requested for personal reasons.


Lunaria --- Banned --- 10/30/2016 --- Indefinite

Harrassment/Disrespect, Ratings system abuse, Disrespect of staff


Twilight_Knight --- Probated --- 08/31/2016 --- 09/01/2016

Disrespect of several members.


Anarchy_Balsac --- Probated --- 07/05/2016 --- 07/06/2016

Harassment towards another member and derailment of a topic.


FlameCursed --- Banned --- 07/03/2016 --- 08/03/2016
Encouraging and participating in large scale trolling and harassment.

Astromeow --- Probated --- 05/02/2016 --- 05/03/2016
Disrespectful/Inflammatory toward another member.
CasualTR --- Banned --- 11/25/2015 --- 2/23/2016
Creation of four duplicate troll accounts and using them for hostile purposes. (Ban extended 3 months, duplicate accounts. - 01/05/16)
TK8305 --- Probated --- 12/28/2015 --- 12/29/2015
Posting very NSFW content on the forums.
Dimentio --- Probated --- 10/31/2015 --- 11/2/2015
Disrespect toward other members.
NewJourneysFire --- Probated --- 10/31/2015 --- 11/1/2015
Disrespectful/Inflammatory toward other members.
BluuDart --- Banned -- Forever
Duplicate account of Adrian.
Montygon456 --- Banned --- Forever
Duplicate account of Adrian.
trudatman --- Probated --- 6/28/2015 --- 6/29/2015
Disrespectful/inflammatory toward other members.
LunarRedMage --- Banned --- 6/26/2015 --- 7/11/2015
An accomplice to malicious posting behavior from Kaotika. Ban reduced to 2 weeks after deciding Kaotika was not his duplicate account.
Kaotika --- Banned --- 6/26/2015 --- 9/27/2015
Spam/troll posting. Ban reduced to 3 months after deciding he wasn't a duplicate account.
RocketGrunt --- Probated --- 6/10/2015 --- 6/11/2015
Spam/troll posting.
Mero --- Banned--- 6/08/2015 --- Forever
Disrespect toward another member, disrespect of staff.
Mero --- Probated --- 6/06/2015 --- 6/07/2015
Disrespect toward another member.
Ventus --- Banned --- 1/17/2015 --- 1/24/2015
For attempting to circumvent a thread lock, multiple instances of disrespecting staff, and inflammatory remarks toward other members.
Duck --- Banned --- 12/19/2014 ---  Indefinite (ban lifted 08/15/2015)
Continued harassment despite previous staff warnings and previous bans.
Astromeow --- Banned --- 12/15/2014 --- 05/27/15
Duplicate account of Marco/Furion. Note: Unbanned 5/27/15.
SkyLizardGirl --- Probated --- 12/05/2014 --- 12/06/2014
Disrespect toward members and staff.
Duck --- Probated --- 11/30/2014 --- 12/1/2014
Multiple instances of posting spam or posts without substance.
ZeldaPlayer --- Banned --- 11/29/2014 --- 12/6/2014
For multiple duplicate accounts and for lying to the staff about their existence.
Fisherman --- Banned --- 11/29/2014 --- Forever
Discovered to be a duplicate account of ZeldaPlayer.
Eurysilas --- Chat Ban --- 10/15/2014 --- Indefinite
Extremely disrespectful to a member in IRC.
Eurysilas --- Probated --- 10/15/2014 --- 10/16/2014
Extremely disrespectful to a member in IRC.
anikom15 --- Banned --- 9/27/2014 --- Forever
Attempting to compromise the site/server.
anikom15 --- Banned --- 8/25/2014 --- 9/24/2014
Being disrespectful toward other members, spam.
anikom15 --- Probated --- 8/11/2014 --- 8/13/2014
Being disrespectful toward other members and ignoring staff warnings.
sholva --- Banned --- 8/3/2014 --- Forever
On suspicion of being a duplicate account.
LinkBlaster --- Banned --- 7/29/2014 --- Forever
On suspicion of being a duplicate account and posting reviews closely and similarly to another member with the same IP.
strike --- Probated --- 7/28/2014 --- 7/29/2014
For being extremely disrespectful to other members and purposely derailing a topic.
Jacques --- Banned --- 5/12/2014 --- 9/12/2014
Consistent harassment and trolling of members on IRC, the forums, and the site, sometimes utilizing functionality of the forums as a means to do so.  Jacques also created a fake persona in order to manipulate the chatroom.  This was after multiple attempts at reaching out to Jacques as well as a month long ban in December.
LTTP --- Banned --- 4/12/2014 --- 5/13/2014
For harassment (not against the staff) and NSFW content.
anikom15 --- Probated --- 2/3/2014 --- 2/4/2014
For harassment of a member in an AMA thread.
Charizard --- Banned --- 12/11/2013 --- 12/12/2013
For spam on the forums and harassing a member via private message.
Jacques --- Banned --- 12/4/2013 --- 1/4/2014
For spam on the forums and continued harassment in the chatroom, despite repeated warnings in the past.
aaa2 --- Banned --- 11/12/2013 --- Forever
This was originally a posting probation for harassment (particularly misogyny) that would have lasted for one day, but it turned into a full ban when aaa2 started blowing off the warnings bluntly and threatening the site. Given his history of probations, bans, blowing off the staff, and his proud proclamations of being a troll, the staff decided to make it a permanent ban.
Jacques --- Banned --- 10/26/2013 --- 10/27/2013
Harassment and disrespect of staff on the forums and in the chatroom. This was a ban instead of a posting probation because of the staff disrespect.
Marco --- Banned --- 10/9/2013 --- Forever
Multiple instances of harassment despite having multiple bans already.
Zecora --- Banned --- 10/7/2013 --- 12/5/2013

  • Started NSFW discussions in the chatroom.
  • Tried to get other members banned who haven’t broken the rules.
  • Rent-a-modded and threatened members with staff action.
  • Harassed members (including staff members) via PM.
  • Been overly demanding and pestering the staff.
  • Caused public disturbances when things didn’t go his way.
  • Consistently ignored the staff when he was told to stop the above behavior.

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