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Opening #2 - showcasing

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Posted 06 January 2009 - 06:52 PM

Hear ye! Hear ye! A new Quest Project Forum opening is now available! It has been months since we have had a new face in our QPFs, so now is a great opportunity! It hasn't been decided where the winner would go, in case any movement or other things occur during the process, but that would be an eventual decision. So with that we will have a new merit and presentation based contest.

Most of the rest of what I will say is a repeat of what I said from the last contest word for word:

If you are not familiar with the rules or procedures, please review the pinned topic in this forum, or click here. Posting in this topic will be limited to interested candidates showcasing one of their projects. It could be a quest or a tileset. How you showcase your work is completely up to you. Double posting is allowed if you reach the character limit or image limit for a post. You can also make another post later if you wish to show an update on your project provided you feel it would help you, but don't go overboard on it.

No other forms of posting please. No opinions on peoples work, whether or not you are one of the participants. That is to remain confidential. When the showcasing is over, I will announce it here, lock this topic, and then open up a poll. The showcasing should last 1 week unless I feel that we need more candidates.

EDIT (8:40 pm): I forgot to turn posting permissions back on. For anybody who was trying to post before, you should be able to now.

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Posted 06 January 2009 - 08:02 PM

~Pearl Of Shadows~
By: ZebraStallion

Story: (Note: This is just the beginning of the game, there is a lot more depth to the story later on.)

Hyrule... Is a kingdom was magnificent mountains, peaceful lakes, and beautiful forests. Its citizens were proud to live in such a wonderful land... But one day... Evil covered the country, shadows rolled in from the south and soon Hyrule was completely isolated from sunlight and all other nature. When everyone thought hope was lost, a hero came and destroyed the darkness. He sealed it into a pearl and then destroyed it and hid the shards... Many citizens nowadays think that the shadows are coming again, monsters have started to appear all over Hyrule...

One day Link wakes up to his grandfather calling him downstairs. He rushes downstairs and his grandfather tells him that he needs some wood from the forest. Link goes off, finds the wood, and gives it to his grandfather. His grandfather is a blacksmith, making all sorts of things. The next day, Link's grandfather gives Link a sword. When he goes out to practice with it, he finds a fairy being attacked by octoroks. Link kills the octoroks and saves the fairy, the fairy introduces herself and everything. (Her name is Celine.) Suddenly, Moblins come and steal Link's sword. Celine wants to help Link get it back from the Moblin hideout. When they enter the forest a storm hits. A tree falls down behind Link and blocks his way out. Oh well, he'll have to find another way out. After retreiving his sword, he explores deeper into the forest, still trying to find an exit. Instead, Link finds an abandoned village, he explores for a little bit, but then the storm gets worse, forcing himself to run inside the nearest structure, which is the Lost Shrine.
(As I said, as you play the story gets better.)

IPB Image IPB Image
IPB Image IPB Image
IPB Image IPB Image
IPB Image IPB Image
IPB Image IPB Image
(Most of these look better while actually playing the game...)


This video is of the second boss, Stallord. I may change his name. All credit for this boss goes to LinkTheMaster. Thanks again! (BTW, there is no sound. Sorry, I couldn't get the sound to work... icon_heh.gif And also, don't pay attention to that blue thing, it's my mouse...)

Here it is
Pearl Of Shadows Video: Stallord


The following demo is an exploration demo, covering parts of North and South Hyrule Field. There are a few glitches, none too drastic. (For example, the dust tiles for the rolling script aren't configured...) Anyways, I rushed to create this so if any screens look a little incomplete that is why.

Demo: Build 842
Pearl Of Shadows Demo 1

- Sharon Daniel
- Evile
- Linkus
- CastChaos

- Evile
- Zemious
- Alestance
- NoeL
- CastChaos
- Sharon Daniel
- Prince MSC
- Russ

- Evile

Tileset: PTUX (Edited) By Mr. Z and Wild Bill
Music: VgMusic
Subscreen Base: Evile

- Joe123 (A lot of the basic ones)
- LinkTheMaster (Stallord Script, AND he set it up for me! icon_biggrin.gif )

People who have boosted my confidence
- Almost Everyone! (I don't want to list the people who have because if I forget somebody, that won't be very good...)
Latest userbar is here:
IPB Image


(Special thanks to Russ and CastChaos for sticking with me the whole time. icon_biggrin.gif )
            /                /   T H E      L E G E N D     O F
           | _________      /________ ______    ______        ____
           |/        /  /  /\        |\    /    \   _ \       \   |
                    /  /  /  | |¯¯\  | |  |      | | \ \      /   |
                   /  /  /   | |   \ | |  |      | |  | |    / /| |
                  /     /    | |__/|\| |  |      | |  | |   / / | |
                 /  +  /     |     |   |  |      | |  | |  / /  | |
                /     /      | |¯¯\|/| |  |   /| | |  | | /  ¯¯¯  |
               /  /  /       | |   / | |  |  / | | |  | |/ /¯¯¯¯| |
              /  /  /        | |__/  | |  |_/  | | |_/ // /     | |
             /  /  /        /|       |/        |/     //  |    /   \
            /      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯
           /                /    P E A R L  O F  S H A D O W S

~Unnamed GB quest~

Here are some screens that are kinda outdated because I haven't really been working on this for a LONG time...
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

Recently, I've partnered up with Christian but he hasn't made any screens yet or anything, so I don't have anything to show from him right now. icon_razz.gif

Other quests:
Fading Hours - Undecided DOR tileset - This will have a REALLY epic storyline.
Paper Mario ZC- Old DOR tileset - I have quite a few things done
Parody Quest - Pure Tileset

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Posted 06 January 2009 - 09:00 PM

Peril of Rectangle Country


For as long as anyone can remember, the 8 Monster Lords and their minions roamed around Rectangle Country, doing whatever the hell they felt like doing. 50 years ago, a mysterious hero emerged from his cheap home located somewhere on Alternate Zone and killed the Monster Lords. He took their Medals of Proof and sealed them inside a magical rock in the Stone Chasm. Though, there was a hole in the rock just about large enough for the Monster Lords' souls to escape, so he took his sword and sealed it. </serious>

50 years later, some random kid named Yarg gets bored and goes to see his friend, the Sleepy Advice Guy. He asks for some advice on how to not be bored, so the Sleepy Advice Guy advises that Yarg venture into the Stone Chasm. He also gives him the answer to a maze path to ensure that you talk to him. Yarg takes the Sleepy Advice Guy's advice, and wanders in there. He them pulls the sword from the magical rock, releasing the Monster Lords. News of Monster Lord activity spreads all around the world in a matter of seconds somehow, and the King of Triangle Town sentences Yarg to re-kill the Monster Lords.


Screens "cause tl;dr"

IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image


http://iu.outerhaven...e08d4654a2c.png (Rectangle Country)
http://i35.tinypic.com/6rlcuh.png (Rhombus Mountain)


IPB Image

IPB Image

More info on download page.


(Rhombus Trail) (complete with old features, such as Monster Lords being named "Barakker" "Pravuscalera" "Sonar" and "Furious" :O)

(A bit of Rectangle Country and Oval Island gameplay)


As of last night, I'm making a sequel to Zelda 1, currently called Zelda 2. It'll be classic styled if it goes anywhere, with only a few new features, such as True Arrows.

IPB ImageIPB Image

That's all.

#4 Russ


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Posted 06 January 2009 - 11:54 PM

Link to the Past DX

Yes, my main project right now is a remake of Link to the Past. But by no means is it just a direct transfer to ZC.


The story is vary similar to the SNES version, but that doesn't mean I haven't slipped in a few plot twists. I won't spoil them now, but expect a few more storyline twists, and two endings.

Features: Although the main Hyrule Field area of the quest will be very similar to LttP, most of the overworld areas will be heavily improved on. For example, the desert, which was very empty and boring in LttP, will be much larger, and full of places to explore, as well as potential dangers (like sudden sandstorms). The dungeons will keep the same basic themes from LttP, but will be heavily modified and improved on.


Here's the map of what I've got of Hyrule Field so far: http://h1.ripway.com/Russ/LttPMap.gif There are two screen that aren;t finished; you'll be able to tell which ones they are.

IPB Image
A screenshot of the Forest Temple (Dark World level 3). It was actually made for KttH, but will be in LttP DX now.

IPB Image
Remember the annoying part in Turtle Rock where you had to use the Cain of Somaria to create platforms and move across the tracks? Well, here's an improvement on it. Cart Surfing! It will be a lot like in the Oracle games, with the switches controlling which sections of the track open and close.

IPB Image
This is one of those "overworld improvements" I was talking about. It's a section of the desert, near the entrance to level 2. (Note: The screenshot is a little old.)

IPB Image
The Lost Woods, living up to its name. icon_smile.gif

I expect to release a demo shortly, after I finish polishing up a few more things.

Other projects:

I have two other projects I'm working on. One is a joint quest with LostInHyru1e. No screenshots yet, but trust me when I say it will be big. I've been planning it for two years to make sure it's perfect, and LiH has added his fair share of great idea. As for the other project, it's a quest based of my favorite RPG, EarthBound. It's still in its infant stages (making intro, making scripts, etc.), but I can tell you this much: It will feature scripts that allow you to control six different characters at once, switching between them with the start button, and will most likely feature a semi-RPG system.

In closing:

Well, thanks for reading all of this (if you did read it and didn't just skim through it to get here). I promise, if I am given this QPF, I will make the most of it, and provide you with all the latest info on my quests, and I will make good, fun quests for you to enjoy.

#5 ZebraStallion


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Posted 08 January 2009 - 08:32 PM

~New Screenies! (For Pearl Of Shadows)~

IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image

#6 Old Inactive Member

Old Inactive Member

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Posted 10 January 2009 - 07:43 AM

~The Legend of Billy : I still haven't thought of a name~

Ok The legend of Billy is a series of Quests I want to make with this one being the First it was originally a quest for the 3 week quest contest and well I missed the deadline icon_frown.gif anyway I've stayed working on this and I want to see it finished.

Story: is still in planning stages but I do have the ending of it done

Then Billy found himself in a strage land and thought to him self "wait this can't be hyrule can it." After saying that he started to look around the woods. Billy not knowing about this a Evil wind was sprreading across the alnd as a new villian appered on the secan and where was Link if Billy wants to get home he will have to defend himself and gatther together the 8 Tresures of the Land to be able to get home. But will Billy get home, Will darkness ever be lifted from hyrule. and what happned to Link. Find out all in the full version of the quest

OK Now that's I've board you with that now onto screens


IPB Image

IPB Image
More Froest

IPB Image
DGN 1 Entrace

IPB Image
More DGN 1

Overworld so far rember the forest is in the bottom right and the snow in the top left i've moved them closer so the size of the file would be less

Want to see more well the demo is aliveble too

I also have porvied the option of mp3s all are alivebale from Zero

The Rename is on the bottom

All from Zero

Jabu Jabu - OOT
The temple of Dispare - jabu Jabu Zero

Last End
Overworld - Hyrule Feild

and thats all folks if i get this QPF I will be keeping everyone up to date and porviding more infomation on it than I have so far and i'll make good use of it.

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#7 Titanium Justice

Titanium Justice

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Posted 10 January 2009 - 10:17 AM

The Underworld.
By Heavy, the Titanium. (or something like that)

It first takes place in Hyrule. Link had been cut off from his date with Zelda, and forced to find Ganon or any of his minions, for the sacred scroll of the Triforce's location had been stolen by either one of them. For the weeks that Link had been searching he'd been separated from his own home, having to sleep wherever he could find a decent spot. One of the days he decides to sleep under a tree in Hyrule field. Before he slept he had a rant about how he feels like he's being used, and why does the evil mastermind keep reviving himself in each generation, and such other things. Though when Link woke up from his sleep he was somewhere where he hadn't been before. At first he thinks that it could just be a dream, though it feels all too real.
He woke up inside a maze of white halls, he had to search all the halls to find a way out. Once he had found his way out he found himself on a small island, though when he looked up he saw that he was in a world within a gigantic underground dome. Link explores the island a little bit, but finds little importance, so he swims across a giant lake of murky water until he reached the mainlands. Link made it to a beach, though a squad of Darknuts and a Darknut leader named "Barricade" where having a meeting of some sort. Link eavesdropped on the conversation, he found out that these particular Darknuts where somehow mutated humans, and that they plan to mutate all the underworlds inhabitants, though something was in their way, they wanted to get their hands on four keys that could open a gateway that leads to overworld island above them, called "Schismia". What Barricade is trying to grab is hands onto is unknown, though Link wants to stop this menace before it posses a possible danger to the entire world, that and he wants to open the gate so that he and the people who choose can leave the underworld.
Welcome to the Xelbi Underworld, enjoy your stay, cause you'll be trapped down here forever if you don't find the keys before Barricade!

Some of these are outdated, but, I'll just put them here anyways, cause I can. icon_rolleyes.gif
IPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image

These are all the levels I have planned for the game, only the first three have been finished so far.
Level 1: The Excavation Site.
Level 2: Weep Manor.
Level 3: Sky Gardens.
Level 4: Pipedream. (The Mario Clone Brother's Facility)
Angelspit Caverns.
Opera House.
Barricade's Fortress.
The outer dome.
The Black Hall.
(Some bonus levels may follow)

Notable Characters:
This is all of them, so far. (with the exception of some who may reveal a spoiler)

An evil tyrant who wants to take over the Xelbi underworld, as well as the entire overworld. Barricade wears a golden armor and cape, and he thinks of himself as a godlike figure. He possesses many powers, such as: teleportation, heat beams, fireballs, camouflage, shapeshifting, etc. Barricade hides a shocking secret in the caverns of the outer domes.
Other than these facts, Barricade's lifestory as a human is unknown, though he's believed to of been an inhabitant of Schismia.

A Xelbian who highly resembles Link. He helps Link throughout the quest until a certain point. It turns out that he's actually a glimpse of Link, meaning that one of his only life purposes is to prepare the Xelbi Underworld for the coming of a hero. Dagge isn't shown fighting anything, except at one point he says he's going to Capital Town to defend it from Darknuts, and when Link makes it to Barricade's Fortress he helps him get through.

King Willard XIII:
The king of Weep Manor, and of the region of tears. Link meets with him to barter for the second gate key, though Willard tells Link that he'll grant the key on the next night. Though actually Willard is helping to make a deal with Barricade, that if he helps capture or kill Link for the royal feast, that he will grant him with the second key.
Also, three other bizarre facts about Willard: he can shoot fireballs from his mouth, a strange demon possession is responsible for his cannibalistic behavior, and he never had any good experiences with rabbits.

A glimpse of the Hylian princess, Zelda. She's daughter of the mayor (Who's name I haven't decided yet) of Capital Town. She gives Link some useful items, and she helps make a distraction so that Link can infiltrate the Mario Clone Brother's Factility.

An alternate universe version of Samus who appears in this game. This Samus is one who has already defeated all Metroids, though she went through an experimentation, one that was originally to distribute her suit, though it accidentally fused it to her body, permanently. Now she's been forced to make as much use of it as possible, so she's been searching the galaxy for any possible Metroids still existing. Somehow she finds the dimension the quest takes place in, and she finds traces of Metroids that where placed in a nest, under the excavation site. This leads to the discovery of another possible doom of the Xelbi Underworld. Samus also discovers that these particular Metroids are controlled by sound waves coming off of two Mother Brain clones. Samus destroys one of them, though lacks the requirements to defeat the second, so she ends up helping Link and Dagge find a flute artifact that can defeat it. After that, Samus leaves to somewhere unknown.

A skeletal wizzard like figure who travels in a giant bush of floating thorns. He stopped the thorns near the Sky Garden to receive the third gatekey, which he said he would protect. He did so, but he also cursed: the Sky Gardens, Nexus, and Neon Park, with a swarm of beings called "Shadow Ghosts", as well as a mysterious fog.
Spellcaster possesses many powers, though his most preferred is illusions.

The Grey Cauldron:
A machine created by the Mario Clone Brothers, though bought by King Willard as a utility to fry Link's body for dinner. The Grey Cauldron doesn't have much of a personality, nor does he speak, for he's only a machine.

The Mario Clone Brothers:
A group of clones from a future world. They came back though time to search for an alternative power source, and in exchange to the people of Capital Town they have given them the advanced technologies that they desire. The Mario Clones used to be nicer, even letting people have tours of their facility, though until a certain point they've became secretive, and protective of their facility, this has raised Xelbian suspicion that the Mario Clones are plotting something.

The Mario Clone Brother Leader:
The Mario Clones do exactly as what's told from this guy. The Mario Clone Leader has lived through several generations, having to be re-cloned, over, and over. Due to this fact, his skin color has become a deep pale color, and he's forgotten exactly what the objective was supposed to be, as well as the characteristics of the original Mario himself. Though through several generations of reviving he's gained super powers, such as telekinesis.
He's been filled with evil ambitions, and he plans to use them against humanity somehow, also, he lies to Barricade that he's going to help get the fourth gatekey for him, though Barricade himself actually knows he's lieing, and that he already has the key in his possession.

This is slightly outdated.
Sky Gardens Map.

Also slightly outdated, I've been kinda lazy with updating this kind of stuff. icon_unsettled.gif
Sky Gardens: Preview.

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Posted 10 January 2009 - 12:21 PM

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Zero
By Molten Onyx

Story: (This will constantly change.)
Link is a little kid on a boat, it is suddenly attacked by Vaati and his men. Link is unconscious and floating in the water, after a while he washes up on the shoes of Borderhaven. A family there take him in and looks after him.

01. Starting Area Borderhaven (Normal)
02. Level 1 Bark Isle (Forest)
03. Level 2 Norman Isle (A C-C-Cold Place)
04. Level 3 Sink Isle (Swamp)
05. Level 4 Volatile (Volcanic)
06. Level 5 Great Rupea (Mainland)
07. Level 6 Shalemy Dunes (Desert)
08. Level 7 Lockfall (Clouds)
09. Level 9 Stygia (Underworld)
10. End Level Vaati's Encampment (Underworld Castle)

Wind Waker Zero map (Last updated: Christmas day '08)

Forum Topics:
Wind Waker Zero

Molten Onyx ~ Obvious Reasons
PrinceMSC ~ Adventure Island Tiles
jimmyb ~ TMC Tiles
Dawnlight ~ Fire Emblem Title Screen
Beefster ~ WW Style Swimming Script
Joe123 ~ Nothing yet, but I know I'll end up using some of his scripts.
pkmnfrk ~ NPC and Signpost Scripts
CastChaos ~ Name Suggestions

IPB Image
IPB Image

New Userbars:
IPB Image
IPB Image

#9 Nathaniel



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:20 PM

Plenty of candidates here. Very good. The poll should begin on Tuesday in the evening (Eastern Standard USA Time approximately), just to let everybody know. For those in Europe, that would likely be early Wednesday morning when you are asleep.

#10 Beefster


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Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:35 PM

Is it too late to enter showcase? I have some projects, though I need to get myself some screenies. I'll have something tomorrow if it isn't too late.

#11 Nathaniel



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:51 PM

No, you have until Tuesday, when I announce the start of the poll and this topic will be locked.

#12 Beefster


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Posted 12 January 2009 - 05:32 PM

Main Project:
LoZ: A Missing Nation


Hyrule has been peaceful for a whole of three weeks now. Ganon was vanquished and the peace of Hyrule returned. But not for long...

A strange, frog-like traveler was found on a river bank, injured, and restless. Two young Kakariko villagers found him and carried him to safety...

The traveler woke on a bed, and the innsmen asked for his name. He replies,"Dark--wood. I am a Shaman from the Boko Kingdom." Suddenly, In the innsman's place (along with the two Kakariko boys) now lied a frog...

Darkwood traveled across Hyrule, leaving few humans. Many people, including the King and Princess Zelda, escaped to the underground world of Lorule with their lives, as refugees. Though many areas remained untouched, Zelda eventually was captured, and was turned into a frog and became Darkwood's maiden hostage.

Rawleaf awakens and tells Link of the misfortune. Link must rescue Zelda, among other lost frogs to revive Hyrule.

IPB Image
Title Screen

IPB Image

IPB Image
Scripted Shop

IPB Image
Climbing Script

IPB Image
Block Puzzle

IPB Image
Block Puzzle

IPB Image
Item Pickup Text

IPB Image
Block Puzzle

IPB Image
Link Got a Key!!!

IPB Image
Item Pickup Text

I have a video, but it's severely out of date. More later?

Other Projects:
-Link's Vacation- A non-linear 4-quest dungeon
-Tower of Panic- an all-dungeon side (and vertical) scrolling quest. The tileset is all-custom!

#13 Adem


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Posted 12 January 2009 - 06:20 PM

I have two I'm working on at once, so blah. I'll post 'em both. The first one is my main one.
Main Project:
Zelda: The Shards of Hyrule
Link is the Son of the King of Hyrule, and brother of princess Zelda. He hates his title of "Prince", so on his 15th birthday, purchased a garden with a small cottage on the outskirts of town. He goes for his training at his Uncle's dojo and is suprised by the fact it is his last day. His Uncle claims there is but one more thing to teach him, and that if he can defeat him, then he shall teach it to Link. Something goes wrong and there is an explosion. His Uncle died in the fire, and Link barely escapes. Link goes to the castle to get his father, who he so very much hates, and asks for help. As it turns out, he has befriended a magician named Grunage. Link and Zelda both have a bad feeling about him, but have no power to do anything. Then, about a week after Grunage arrived, the king mysteriously died. When Zelda went to go investigate, she was kidnapped by Grunage. Grunage then took the Crystal of Darkness and placed it in Zelda's body. After that, he shattered the Crystal of Light into 7 pieces, and gave them too his disciple, Knives, to hide across Hyrule. The shattering of the Crystal cracked the land around Hyrule and broke it into 7 different continents. Due to the Crystal of Darkness still surviving, the Dark World began to seep through the large fissures in between the lands. Link must go on a journey of many sacrifices, and many dangers to find the pieces of the crystal, restore it's form, and defeat Grunage...But is he really doing the right thing...?

IPB Image
Uses The Origins III tiles set
IPB Image
IPB Image

IPB ImageMany houses to look through and NPCs to talk to and interact with!
IPB Image
A great quest for adept players, and also a good quest for beginners, consisting of a tutorial, and other things to help you start out.
IPB Image
IPB Image
Consists of 1 and a 1/2 complete overworlds for you to explore! Along with 2 optional levels, 8 complete dungeons, and 6 side quests!
IPB Image

The Sword of Fate

In a land known as Hyrule, there lives a p---Oh cut the lame old cliche crap and get to the story!
Link lives with in a lone house outside of Hyrule town. He is good friends with the princess. Zelda. Then, one day, An evil lord comes to Hyrule and murders the king, and then seals the power of the Sacred Sword of old. When Link hears of this, he sets out with Zelda to find the Lord, avenge the king, and restore the power to the sword. He meets several friends along the way, whom he must force him self to leave forever to bring peace back to the world.
IPB Image
Will use DoR and MC tiles mixed. Mostly consisting of Minish Cap tiles recolored to fit with the setting. Will also consist of 5 complete dungeons, 2 optional levels, 1 side quest, and 1 complete overwold!

Other Projects:
Oracle of Secrets
The Legend of Zelda: Smyphonia
Zelda: Spear of Light

Edited by Link R us, 12 January 2009 - 06:57 PM.

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Posted 13 January 2009 - 04:30 AM

The Legend Of Zelda: Day and Age

Hylian legends tell of a young boy, clothed in green. And how that boy drew the sword of Evil's Bane from its pedestal, and struck down a great evil. The boy was etched into Hyrule’s history, but the story eventually faded into mere legend. Thanks to the young boy’s courage, Hyrule was safe for hundreds of years to come.

Until, one day, from the depths of the ocean, the great evil rose once again, and consumed the world with his greed, anger, and pure evil. The evil captured the young maiden, Princess Zelda, the rightful heir to the throne. He then seized the Triforce, and claimed the kingdom as his own. The Hylian could do nothing else but pray to the Gods that the hero shall be reborn, and re-instate goodwill to all the land.

Fifty years have passed, and only you, as the hero’s kin, can defeat the great evil and restore peace.

Game storyline:
Fifteen years ago, a baby washed up on the shores of Sunset Island. But this baby did not have any parents. This baby was concieved from the gods. This baby was Link. This baby is Link.

Link grew up with a surrogate grandfather, on Sunset Island, far away from the troubles of Hyrule. The people of this island were carefree, and new nothing of the troubles in Hyrule. Their naivety was destroyed when the island was invaded by Ganondorf's evil henchmen, who were now governing the kingdom. They ordered all men that could wield a sword to be enlisted into the Hyrule Guard. Link's grandfather was taken way, and forced into service.

Now link must find some way to get off the island, and to the distance land of Hyrule, were he can rescue his grandfather. But when Link makes it to Hyrule, he becomes aware of the much bigger problem, that he must overcome.

Will you draw up the Hero’s blade and strike down evil?

Or will you succumb to the clutches of evil, and let it take hold of you?

Either way, can you usher in a new day and age?

Trailer: Day and Age storyline trailer

*DoR 2.0 Tileset, with many customisations etc.
*A large overworld to explore, as well as many little and large islands to find.
*The option to join the good or evil side of the story. You can either choose to fight Ganondorf, or to join him.
*Lots of cutscenes.
*Many scripts, such as: NPC, Roll, Bombchu, and Sheild scripts.

IPB Image IPB Image
IPB Image IPB Image
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Side Projects:
I have many side projects that I work on when my time isn't being taken up by Day and Age. The most notable is Adventures of a Goron, a quest, obviously about a goron. icon_razz.gif

This is my first big quest that I am working on, and my first quest I hope to release. I have been using ZQuest for nearly two years now, so have experience using the program. I'm not going to make any promises that I will update things everyday, or even every week, because that's just not realistic. But I will promise, that if givin a change to use this QPF spot, that I will always try my best to keep giving this site great content, and continue to work hard, for a 2010 release of my quest.

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Wow made it on time
The 4th goddess

In a time before time,
there was a prosperous civilization

a civilization created by 3 goddesses
Din,Nayru,and Farore

They left behind 4 sacred triangles
to represent them and the people

But the people were ignorant
and created a demon

The goddesses were angry
and sealed the demon inside a mirror

They covered the land with soil
and created a new world

The demon's soul escaped many times
but a legendary hero always stopped him

And the 4th shard was forgotten
IPB Image IPB ImageThese are old screenshots

I have a major problem,I put in a password and when I enter it the file says its the wrong password.Can somebody help me get the file open,I don't want this work to go to waist.If I'm correct I think a dev can help but I don't want to annoy them,and I don't want anyone to annoy them.Is there any way to get it back?

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