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Opening #1 - showcasing

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#1 Nathaniel



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Posted 28 June 2008 - 01:39 PM

A new QPF opening is now available. The plan is for the winner to get a spot in Blue Cresent Quests.

If you are not familar with the rules or procedures, please review the pinned topic in this forum. Posting in this topic will be limited to interested candidates showcasing one of their projects. It could be a quest or a tileset. How you showcase your work is completely up to you. Double posting is allowed if you reach the character limit or image limit for a post. You can also make another post later if you wish to show an update on your project provided you feel it would help you, but don't go overboard on it.

No other forms of posting please. No opinions on peoples work, whether or not you are one of the participants. That is to remain confidential. When the showcasing is over, I will announce it here, lock this topic, and then open up a poll. The showcasing should last 1 week unless I feel that we need more candidates. I am hoping for at least 3, although I doubt it will be a problem.

#2 Twilight Knight

Twilight Knight

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Posted 28 June 2008 - 04:28 PM

Wow, this all came faster than I expected. Of course I apply:

How I'll use a QPF: Of course, I will post all my Zelda Classic projects there, but I see a QPF as a honour to have, so I'll use it carefully. All my posts contain correct spelling and as good as possible grammar(I'm dyslexic and English is not my mother language). I'll rarely use pin topics to prevent the pinned topics section of overflowing. I'm also bound to be very active, since ZC takes in very much time on an average day. In short, I'm a QPF-friendly person.
Why I want a QPF: I want to showcase my quest and let as much as possible people play the demos. I also need a QPF to organize my project's information, to gain more comments and critics to develop my quest better and to get opinions quicker about some new stuff in my quest. The time of me collabrating with other persons is also coming closer and a QPF is required for such questmaking. I might also make a ZC tutorial and I QPF comes out usefull for that as well. In short, I need a QPF to showcase my (ZC related) work.

Now, I showcase my current project here:

The Legend of Zelda: Hidden Mysteries

Very long ago, there existed a land called Hyrule. It was a happy place and almost everybody lived in peace. There were no wars and enemies, everybody was friends and there even didn’t existed hate between races. But on one stormy day, there came monsters from the tallest mountains, deepest lakes and biggest swamps. They came crawling out of volcano’s, caves and even tree branches. The Hyruleans were no longer safe outside their hometowns and there was a huge short of soldiers, so eventually, monsters broke into people’s homes. The King of Hyrule demanded all men to become soldier. So they became soldiers, and they stood all honor full on the village edges, all watching to the horizon for the monsters to come. However, the monsters were powerful and they were able to kill hundreds of soldiers. The Hero of Hyrule was traveling around the world and once he came back to his homevillage, he saw a Dark Warlock, wielding the Legendary Blade. Quickly he grabbed his own sword to duel with this maniac, but the warlock already held up his fist showing a shape of three triangles put together, glowing eye hurting white. The hero knew that he must have stolen the mighty Triforce, the power of the gods. The hero was clueless; there were burning houses, millions of monsters and this warlock. He went into attack, but the warlock was still wielder of the most powerful sword of the universe and he quickly stabbed the hero, so the hero died. The warlock conquered Hyrule and became insane of his might. All Hyruleans were his slaves and needed to work day and night, or else they would be slaughtered, all of them. He eventually experimented with the power of the Triforce so much, causing it to shatter in pieces. All of in sudden, the natural forces became severe and they were spreading the world with Tornados, Tsunamis and floods of Lava. At the very end, a terrible volcano spew out all of his last might, the biggest amount of Lava ever and it burned Hyrule to ashes, along with the Warlock and the monsters…
… From those ashes, a new land rised: Rozala. It was again a land of harmony and peace. Well, you guess, monsters suddenly appeared all over Rozala, fields filled with them. The King of Rozala decided that there no time left and search for a new hero directly. That hero should be guided to the most sacred and holy places of Rozala to discover it’s deepest secrets, because Rozalians knew what could happen. The Dark Lord will return…

TLoZ: HM will contain the following features: (Red colored features are brand new ones)
-A good and complicated story, explained through out the whole quest with big twists.
-Many, different themed overworld areas.
-Overworld size of at least 5 Maps big.
-9 Main Dungeons of at least all a full 8x8 size.
-A few subdungeons.
-At least 1 cave in EVERY overworld area, including towns.
-At least 5 Human Race towns and at least 2 Other Race towns.
-Multiple sidequests, which involve several subdungeons or new areas to explore.
-DoR 2.0 Tileset, with various new custom tiles and sprites.
-Nice MIDI music, adjusted to the right volume and loop timing.
-Custom SFX.
-Multiple scripts.
-Customized Enemies.
-Custom Bosses.
-Collaboration areas with CastChaos!
-Underwater Caverns with beautifull water affects.
-Custom Subscreen.
-Customized Triforce.

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Eastern Plains
Small Map of Myst Forest

Gameplay videos:
1st Boss Battle
Moonlight Cavern Gameplay

1st Demo(right click+save as!)

Radien: Creator of DoR Tileset.
CastChaos: Design Help, Support, Betatesting, ZQuest Help, Graphics, Area Name Suggestions, Design Suggestions, Collabration.
Joe123: Scripts.
Nuvo: MIDI services.
VgMusic: Game Music.
Pokemon Sapphire: Graphics.
Gargoyle Quest: Graphics.
PureZC Community: Graphics, Support.
Twilight_Knight: Quest Author.
Masterofpigs: Bug killer.

Edit: There is a new feature, so I added it to my post. If I'm allowed to?

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#3 Old Inactive Member

Old Inactive Member

    I'm back sorta.

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Posted 28 June 2008 - 05:03 PM


How I'll use the QPF: Well I'll post regalre updtaes on The Legend of Billy, Fantacy Challenge (once I get the infomation off my Hard Drive), and keep the fourm active. I may also post my MIDI edits but that would be very rare.

Why I want a QPF:
I relly want to post Demos of my Quests, say how the devlpment is coming along and get more Comments and input for my quests without being pushed back in the custom quest fourm by help theards, ect

My Proget:

Please Note with the death of my Computer I have no accese to some of the quests Infomation
Also some of these screen shots are beta and might not be in the quest


It all started Years before This Link and Zelda were Born. Twinrova was revied and went out to gather the things she needed to get her revenge. She made a massive Army of Moblins and other emines but she waited for 100 years just waiting untill Hyrule thought nothing else would ever happen. This takes us to 300 AP day Hyrule Link and Zelda were Childhood freinds and met each other at a school in a Town neer the Hyrule Border but that is a drifent story. It all happned so suddly monsteres satrted appering over Hyrule Zelda and Link knew somthing was going to happn so they satred to perpare and Link head off to Hyrule Castle (you come in here). Twinrova had evrything but the last thing a pure harted madien like Zelda or the blood of a decent of the hero of Time but no one knew who that was so she went for the pure harted madien. Can Link stop her or will she succead play Fantacy Changle to find out.

Fantacy Chellege Will Contain:
2 Full Overworlds
9 Full DGNs All Bassed on Z1 DGNS
Use of Scripting
A never seen before Nega Heart
A few Extra DGNs
and Will have more shops, Houses and Caves than Zelda 1

Screen Shots:
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image

Beta Map of Saira Town

Hey don't froget about the Demo
Build 780 - Windows
Will work on Higher Versions

Edit: Gave the POst Formating so it would be easier to read

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#4 Nathaniel



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Posted 01 July 2008 - 08:15 PM

I am going to make this post for two reasons:

1. To bump this topic in case interested people have forgotten that this is going on. So if you are interesting in joining the team of QPF holders, please use this topic to show off a project of yours.

2. The plans for the winner going to Blue Crescent Quests will likely change to Underneath the Armos, with the agreement that Ebola Zaire goes to Blue Crescent Quests. With the possibility of Linkus leaving his forum (which is not 100% sure yet), I will consider two people for what would thus become a vacant forum. If such becomes the case, I will keep you all updated on what I will do regarding that.

#5 Ricky of Kokiri

Ricky of Kokiri


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 12:25 PM

I know I've said in the past that I don't think I deserve a QPF, and I still stand by this (as a matter of comparing my work to others), but as I become more involved with ZQuest, the more I think a QPF would be nice to have, for motivation, organization, displaying my work with my quest and tile ripping... so here we go.

History's Trail is a quest using the DoR tileset, with a lot of extra tiles ripped into it. The overworld is sketched out to be two-and-a-half maps big, with an optional map containing the extra special stuff if players can find the way there. Despite the quest being story-driven, I intend to have some sense of "liberty" in where you go and what order you play the dungeons in. I'll mostly pull this off by eliminating items from the dungeons; they'll have to be found elsewhere- and no, this does not automatically mean "mini-dungeons". Finding the items to proceed will be more of a "treasure hunt" through Hyrule, provided you can follow the clues.

As mentioned, History's Trail has a story, and this is to be the main thrust of the quest. To briefly summarize, Princess Zelda is fascinated with the tales of old, and, while reading a couple, comes across what she believes to be a prophecy of impending disaster. A series of events causes her to more-or-less coerce one of the castle squires- a boy named Link- into helping her find proof, or even stop it from happening.

That's how the story begins. As you proceed through the quest, there will be several twists and turns, and plenty of humorous jabs at the Zelda Timeline (all in good fun, of course). There will also be character development- at first, Link and Zelda do not like each other (which I've personally never seen before), but as time goes on this changes. There will be plenty of dialogue done with IaN's character portraits, and Zelda will be personally involved with much of the game. I even have plans to make use of certain 2.5 features related to the Link Tile Modifiers to have her actually playable in certain areas.

When it comes to interiors, I'm trying something a little different that I haven't seen before- instead of rooms being restricted to the screen, I'm trying to go for a more "realistic" design, in which portions of multiple rooms can be seen on the same screen. (As shown in a couple of the castle shots below.)

Due to the rather haphazard way I've been constructing the quest (some days I rip tiles, some days I work on the castle, some days I work on the conversations, some days I work on the overworld [forest portion at the moment]), I don't have any screenshots of actual gameplay. I apologize for this.

IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image

Credits to AgentLym for the Minish Cap Castle tiles, and Radien for DoR. icon_smile.gif

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#6 /M/



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Posted 03 July 2008 - 03:25 PM

This isn't exactly where I planned to introduce the quest I've been working on for a while, but .. icon_blah.gif


-How will I use the QPF?

I'll use it to post discussions regarding my project, interesting polls, screenshots, and lose tiles. Its main purposes will be for my project though, since the "Quest Discussion Forum" isn't exactly the best for posting updates and such.

Why do I want the QPF?
To basically keep people interested in my project, keep threads regarding it organized, and basically for reasons that the Quest Discussion Forum shouldn't be used as. I did have a QPF before and left it because I wasn't active, and had begun making plans for this quest, so I had nothing to show at the time. And, I was the only active person in the QPF, so I had to move it on to someone else.

So.. without further ado..

"The Legend of Zelda: Flawless Toccata"


The malignant fiend arose from the earths dust in a such a surrealistic fashion, that the dedicated soldiers who oathed to protected the kingdom with their life if necessary, had thought they were witnessing a mirage. "Could it be?" Was the only statement they could sum up as they watched in fright, yet in awe at union. According to what they've been told, the darkness of the kingdom has been ouster by a courageous knight, and all was well. The guards, the people, and even the king were unprepared for the ungraceful darkness that has resurrected. The fiend made his first assault with the kingdoms castle, crushing it in between his palms with such repugnance. Its cries increased the fear of the guards, and they started to flee from the castle. Though, their attempt was ineffectual, for they were a part of the bloodbath as well. The fiends evilness had begun to spread across the fields of the lands, and slowly had caused it to decay. The kingdom had become unrecognizable, people had started to become infected by plaques, and all was chaotic. The people cried out to the gods for some assistance, for perhaps a hero to once again step forth and protect their lives.. but their wasn't a man who had the courage or strength to kill the fiend...

All of a sudden, a ray of light had shined through the murky clouds, as if the doors of the heavens had opened. The kingdom had begun to depart from the earth, and was floating in the air. And then, from the heavens came a refulgent mist that slowly wiped off the negativity of the land. The fiend had shattered within the mist, and so did most of its people. Few of them jumped from the borders of the land and into the seas, and most had died in their attempts. The kingdom had been swallowed by clouds in the skies, and its existence had become only a legend told by its survivors. As for the whereabouts to the kingdom, none remain that knows...


IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

"Only THREE screenshots?" Yes, I don't want to reveal that much stuff just yet. IF I do get the QPF, I'll show some more screenshots. Until so, this is it.

#7 Russ


    Caelan, the Encouraging

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 09:44 AM

How will I use the QPF? I will use it to show the community my current projects, while keeping it nice and organized.
Why do I want the QPF I have been eying QPFs for a long time. It has been my dream to get one. Then, Evile, one of the greatest quest makers to appear (if he had finished a quest) offered my his spot when he left. However, the system changed, so I was denied this spot. I have been eagerly awaiting a chance to get on since then.

And now for my showcase project, a group quest between me and Joe123:

The Legend of Zelda - A Key to the Heavens
By Russ and Joe123

Initial Storyline Information
After Link's adventures on Koholint island, he heads on with his travels.
All is well for a few days, until Link's ship hits a particularily stormy sea.
As the rain starts to set in, Link stows his sails and battons down the hatches, hoping to escape the wrath of the storm.
But luck is not on Link's side this day, and as he waits patiently in the cabin, the storm grows and grows, until a maelstrom rages on outside Link's ship.
Tossing and turning, Link's ship strikes a rock, and he reaches for his weapons before being cast out into the storm.
A huge spout of water catches him, and he is carried up into the sky.
The next thing he knows, he is lying in an unfamilliar wood, in a mysterious land.
After a few minutes searching the immediate area, Link finds only his shield and an empty bottle, with no sign of the Master Sword.
He continues to wonder aimlessly around this strange forest, until he is met by a fairy, Leaf, who helps Link find his sword and promises to help Link return to his own world if he can assist in this one.
They head off to the nearby village, and upon querying the villagers, he finds that the world is on the brink of destruction, and heads off to speak with the King.
Link offers his services to save this world, and after telling his tales of adventures to the king, he is granted a noble steed to help him undergo his quest.

The King tells Link that the force that is threatening this world hides away, high above the mountains in the north of the world, where none can reach him, let alone oppose him.
The King tells Link that to reach this evil abode, this Sky Palace, he will have to find three pieces of the force that keeps the north locked.
He must re-assemble the Key to the Heavens.
And with the power of this key, he will be able to open the staircase in the sky, granting him entry to the Sky Palace.

The Key was broken, and the three pieces scattered across all of Potomus.
One in the Eramus Desert to the East,
One in Lake Lemanus to the South,
One in the Niemvagora Shades to the West,
And the key-hole hidden on Mount Aurichalcium to the north.

Link must travel to the depths of this new world with Epona and Leaf to retrieve the 3 Key Pieces, and then have them re-forged at the base of Mount Aurichalcium, before traversing to it's summit and opening the staircase to the Sky Palace, to cast down the evil the world holds.

Features and Information
This game will be script heavy, with features such as:
  • Epona
  • A Fairy to follow Link and offer advice
  • An empty bottle potion system
  • A trading sequence
  • NPCs and signposts
  • Link Rolling
  • Roc's Cape
  • Potholes & Walkable Water
  • Locked Dungeons
  • Custom (scripted) bosses

I am doing the dungeons, and most of the storyline work, while Joe123 is in charge of overworlds, and scripts.

I have just strarted my part, so I don't have much in terms of screenshots to show, but here's what I have:

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

#8 Nathaniel



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Posted 05 July 2008 - 07:27 PM

It has been one week, and we have five applicants. As soon as I get the poll up, we shall let the voting begin!

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