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Need help with enemy scripts and scripting in general

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#31 Moosh


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Posted 07 March 2023 - 10:57 PM

That screenshot has the buffer scrolled down to line 119 still. Can't actually see where status.zh is imported. It's sounding like the header could be bugged, or missing some dependencies. It doesn't list any on the database page and I don't know anybody else who uses this header. Might have to ask alucard about that one. Wrong again! It says clearly, plain as day, right where I wasn't looking on the page: Requires stdExtra.zh. What is that? Is it any good or worth using? I dunno. But chances are you aren't importing it.
When you say "guys aren't working for me" do you mean...like at all? Does your DMap have the flag "Special Rooms And Guys Are In Caves Only"? There's almost certainly a way to accomplish whatever setup you want without scripts. Might require duplicate dmaps and warp trickery but that's still way better than doing it with scripts.

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#32 Bokoblin


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Posted 07 March 2023 - 11:54 PM

the guys say the line, but don't despawn and the line is stuck on the screen. since you can't control link when a guy is saying something, this leads to some complications.


also the funny thing is line 119 is at the very bottom of the page. i don't have line 200-something because I didn't create it. it's saying there's an error in a line that aint there.

#33 Bokoblin


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Posted 08 March 2023 - 12:13 AM

yeah stdExtra.zh fixed it

also coding a simple script sounds much better than DUPLICATING AN ENTIRE MAP

#34 Emily


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Posted 08 March 2023 - 12:45 AM

Everybody's really here acting like my animation header doesn't exist.  :blah:  I do agree that ghost is more user friendly, though I've tried my best to do my part in addressing that.

Ah, I knew you were working on that but I didn't realize you ever released it!

#35 Bokoblin


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Posted 08 March 2023 - 01:55 AM

please tell me how to do this:


i also need to set up my first script



since guys arent working for me, i need to code 2 scripts. one that displays a string when you enter a room, another that consists of a static NPC (no movement, no ai, just a sprite) that dies when the string stops playing.


i need to do this 4 times (4 different screens where you encounter this character)


how would i go about doing that?


i also need to make the npc use a certain sprite and go on a certain tile.


are coords supposed to be (pos, combo) instead of (x,y)? it doesnt say the actual coords, it just says pos, combo.


oh also the strings only play once

i already got the sprite for it down, then i'll work on eweapons, then the faron boss. i just need to know how to do scripted npc encounters

#36 BigJoe


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Posted 12 March 2023 - 04:35 AM

EDIT: Post deleted to rectify momentary lapse of judgement.

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