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Screenshot of the Week 774

Taco Chopper Architect Abdiel Feenicks Mitchfork Twilight Knight

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#16 Twilight Knight

Twilight Knight

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Posted 23 March 2023 - 08:27 AM

I'm glad you like the improvements. I like them too and thankful for the feedback here that made it happen, it's hard to see such issues myself. This is why I value SotW and I'm glad it's back. Not only a fun contest of who makes the prettiest screens, but also a place to learn and become better at designing.

Those trees by Ether are indeed glorious. I was already using a different one (the palm tree-ish one suits very primal and wild areas really well), but the whole set is amazing, especially since they are (almost) entirely custom.

I might tweak the palette still and I will definitely add the grass to water like Mitch suggested, but that is for later. :-)

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Posted 27 March 2023 - 11:11 AM

Yet again, SotW strikes hard. Love all of these!


Architect Abdiel's Has a fitting blue tint to the hud, complimenting the screen's palette well. I like the GameBoy styled icons used. I'm not the biggest fan of the screen's design, but I think the tileset's been used well.

Feenicks' is probably my second favourite. The screen's design doesn't really strike me, but that's about the only bad thing i can say. I'm a huge fan of firebird, and from what I can tell, this screen makes pretty good use of the tileset for its purpose. good job!

Mitchfork's is another good contender. The only things that deterred me from choosing it were the strange murky colors and the more rectangular design for the room (not that that room struture can't be effective, it just doesn't strike me well). There's a bit of a clash between the player and hud's saturated gbc colors, and the more saturated ones of the actual screen. great job over all though! Edit: I love the attention to detail! I actually like the screen's design.

Taco Chopper's Is my favourite. Outstanding use of bright and saturated, giving the area a nice pop to it, in addition to good usage of gbc tiles. The screen's design is also very good; a nice mountain setting with a small lake with vines leading to (what i presume is) a dungeon entrance. Amazing job with this one, loving it!

Twilight Knight's  Is very good, although i have some nitpicks. I'm quite a fan of the tileset used, and I think the tiles were used very well here. This probably is the second nicest screen design after taco chopper's imo, fitting the context well. I like the use of shadows in some areas as well. My main gripe is with link. I have no clue what's going on with those colors. It contrasts far too much with the scene's murkier and darker colors imo. It's mostly the brightness of the blue that's bugging me. Otherwise, very nice job!

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#18 Taco Chopper

Taco Chopper

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Posted 03 April 2023 - 01:29 AM

With 35.71% of the vote, the winner of Screenshot of the Week 774 is... me, Taco Chopper!

the source of the flow
Thanks to everyone who submitted for SotW 774, and to everyone who voted or gave feedback!
Voting totals:

  • Taco Chopper - 10 (35.71%)
  • Twilight Knight - 6 (21.43%)
  • Architect Abdiel- 4 (14.29%)
  • Feenicks - 4 (14.29%) 
  • Mitchfork - 4 (14.29%)

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