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need help with flags and secret combos

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#1 pappyfrank



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Posted 02 January 2021 - 07:21 PM

how can i stab a bush or anything to trigger a staircase to a merchant shop

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Posted 02 January 2021 - 08:34 PM

In most cases, you'd want to use a combo flag with a secret combo.


On the screen where you want the secret, click the Combo Flags icon and scroll down to "79 Sword Trigger (Any)," then click OK. Now you can place the flag on whatever combo you want to be stabbed, so do that, then press enter to return to the regular editing mode. Next, press F5 to load the Secret Combos screen, go to the Sword tab, and for each of the 4 sword types, choose the staircase combo that you want to appear when flag 79 gets stabbed.


(You can also use flags 80-82 if you want to limit the sword trigger to higher-level sword, then fill out the sword Secret Combo list accordingly.)


I'd suggest using a stair combo that has the type "Stairs [A]," where the [A] refers to which of the four tile warps the combo will use. To configure tile warps, press F10, and go to the "A" tab. The type should be "Cave/Item Cellar," and that will take you to screen 80, which is a special default screen used for caves or item cellars. The reason I suggested using [A] instead of [B-D] is because screen 80 always uses Warp Return A by default when you exit it, so click the Warp Return A icon and place the blue square where you want the player to appear when they exit the shop.


Finally, fill out your shop information on the screen that has the secret. That information is then loaded to screen 80 when you use the stairs. Don't actually put anything related to your secret or your shop on screen 80 itself - it's just a default template.


There's other ways to do secret shops, but that's the most common, and also the easiest.

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