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QPF Settings Updates - 6/6/09

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#1 Nathaniel



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Posted 06 June 2009 - 08:05 PM

As some of you QPF hosts may have noticed, a few settings have been removed due to some recent abuse of power. The following settings were removed from all hosts (with the exception of those who are already on our staff and ZC Developers):

Deleting others' posts - can be abused by removing undesirable content for any reason - if you don't like what someone is saying, let staff know about it
Deleting others' topics/polls - can be abused in the same ways
Moving topics - not needed when you are controlling only one forum

So that leaves the following settings enabled for all QPF owners, which are really the most important ones to have:
- edit others topic titles
- edit others posts and polls
- open locked topics
- close open topics
- pin topics
- unpin topics
- split / merge topics
- set topics as visible and invisible
- set posts as visible and invisible

If any of the above is used in ways we would consider abusive, then they will be taken away from those individuals, or whatever others actions we deem most appropriate for that situation. This is mainly true for editing others' posts.

In case you want to know what the other settings are:

Settings reserved for all staff:
- delete others posts (too much power for non-staff)
- delete others topics/polls (too much power for non-staff)
- view posters IP addresses (only for staffing purposes)
- move topics (not needed for QPF owners, since they only have one forum to focus on)
- warn other users (only for staffing purposes)
- use topic multi-moderation (only for staffing purposes)

Settings reserved for global moderators and higher:
- mass move topics (very powerful tool)
- mass prune topics (extremely powerful tool)

#2 Nathaniel



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Posted 30 April 2010 - 09:14 PM

Amendment 4/30/10: Editing others' posts and polls has been turned back on for all QPF users. Also updated to mention that all QPF users can now make topics and posts invisible and back to visible. Invisible topics will be highlighted green on your forum index, and also in the first post of the topic. Invisible posts will be highlighted green within the topic they are in. The queued topics and queued posts information is also about this. Also edited some wording in the above post to further account for these changes.

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