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Status Update on existing Quests

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#1 Nightmare


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Posted 06 October 2018 - 02:09 PM

Demo Quest EX: Permanently closed. Will only be updated for modules and game-crashing bugs.
Demo Quest SP: Undergoing package testing for 2.53

James Quest: Permanently closed. Never to be updated again.
James Quest: Remastered V 3.0: 1. I am working on a crossover dungeon with Matthew Bluefox. I possibly might be looking for a custom boss or two. 2. I am patching Castle Endor to add the colosseum from Dragon Quest IV. 3. I am possibly thinking of adding new enemies from 2.55 to it. I might rename it in light of this.

James Quest 2: I have a POTENTIAL revision, but I do not have scripters or artwork to make the revision better, as it's a longshot to be released. Most of my core crowd do not want to see it again. It is on my private Discord, but other than that, will not see another release most likely.

New Quest: Permanently closed. Never to be updated again.
New Quest 2013: Permanently closed. Never to be updated again.
New Quest Rebuilt: Plan on totally overhauling Remastered Mode, as it was ill-received. This is a 2.55 project.

New Quest 2 2015: Debatedly closed. Looking only to update for game-crashing bugs if they come up.

Zelda NES Remastered: Getting a patch in 2.55. Addresses enemy positions.

Unofficial 6th Quest Project: In the projects. 2.55 project, indefinite release date. Final name and idea still undetermined.

Demo 1st and 2nd Quest: No longer the owner. ZoriaRPG took them over for module testing/remastering.


Unofficial 3rd Quest Remixed/Remastered/Revised (working title) - An update to AlphaDawg's Unofficial 3rd Quest. This will play more accurately to the original than Conquest of Sarpadia. Expect a pretty clean balancing of the quest so Blue Wizzrobes don't overpopulate the quest. I'm starting it in 2.53, but might move it to 2.55 if I get in trouble or 2.55 gets released fast.



p.s. Don't ask about Demo Quest 20XX unless you're in that forum or a spriter interested in ORIGINAL artwork. We don't have a spriteset for it yet, so no dungeons have been planned or concepts discussed beyond Day 1.

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#2 zcfan27330


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Posted 18 February 2019 - 04:13 PM

Yeah I'm like the only one who enjoyed James Quest 2 more than the first one. Oh well


I guess that takes out any hope for a James Quest 3

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