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RoyalDarkness Remastered

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#106 James24



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Posted 30 March 2018 - 09:02 AM

Well Jman, I just finished your hero mode and I managed to get your quest password - something about powerful royalty.  I took 28 deaths to get there.  Some feedback for you if you are interested...
I don't think this hero mode can be seriously classed as a challenge quest.  Its too easy and I can't honestly recommend it to any other challenge quest lovers because they would think its too easy and I'd be the laughing stock.  I only died because I was careless and sometimes couldn't be bothered walking back to get a glowing potion before facing the boss for the first time.
Link gets very overpowered items without any corresponding increase in the enemy power level in the late game.  Once Link gets the gold tunic he's virtually invulnerable.  Plus with the heart ring, if a player was desperate enough, they can stand there, wait, and gain their full health again. 
And that's if you even bother with "fair" combat.  There are many rooms where Link can hide in the doorway and swing his sword, making him invulnerable and able to strike at enemies making the fight completely one-sided.  And there are many darknut rooms where you can just sit on a ladder and kill all of them without any risk to your life.
The bosses had mandatory damage - which some players think is very bad.  I don't think its bad but they are really going to hate your quest for it.  The thing that really sticks out is the critical hit ring.  Once you get it, you can randomly kill the boss with a single strike and if you're lucky enough you can kill the boss with your very first strike making the entire combat completely luck based.  Also, the boss run featured bosses that weren't buffed.  Link encounters them when he's weak first off so when they are in a run at the end of the game Link is powerful - so they need to be buffed otherwise they are too weak.
Sorry but the combat just feels very easy, forced and artificial.  On the positive side, there's no rupee grinding and no arbitrary secrets apart from one pushblock in level 6.  So, that makes the quest playable and somewhat enjoyable.  There are also the odd bosses that were a challenge like the patras and the level 5 boss.

#107 csharporbflat



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Posted 30 March 2018 - 04:41 PM

not sure if this was discussed or not, but there is an area in both the light and dark world in the lower left corner of the map, I cannot figure out how to get to that area, or if there even is anything there.

#108 James24



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Posted 30 March 2018 - 11:53 PM

If I recall correctly that area is optional and contains combat related powerups, but isn't necessary for quest completion.  You need to be in the dark world to get to it and requires the wand and flame to burn bushes.

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Posted 04 August 2018 - 07:31 AM

The darknut at the end of Level 3 might be the most frustrating thing I've come across in a quest to date.  I am up to 30 deaths, and cant get by it.  I am about to give up LOL


Almost wish I had a cheat code so I could turn on invincibility just for this stupid thing :twisted:

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#110 pixcalibur


    Time for more ZC runs

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Posted 04 August 2018 - 12:17 PM

May be better to skip that boss and move on and come back to it when you get better gear. 

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