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[2.55 A100 b61] oracle-style overworld map subscreen

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Posted 26 December 2021 - 10:18 PM

How im/practical would this be to make? I'm only utilising one overworld Dmap (16x8), so it wouldn't need to be super convoluted and require four overworld DMaps data or whatever.
i was considering something very similar to moosh's ALTTP/Oracle dungeon subscreen, except that:

  • instead of being 8x8, it'd be the bigger 16x8
  • you wouldn't need the dungeon map to unlock it (although i suppose this could be bypassed by just giving link the dungeon map for the overworld dmap in init data, so this is low priority)
  • it'd have the same visual approach as the dungeon map rooms - i.e. one greyed out tile would be the combo/graphic/whatever for all of the unvisited regions on the overworld map, while the assigned screen for the dmap would contain the full map
  • some kind of locator combo/FFC(?) to show where the player is on the map ala this (doesn't need to be that per se, just something so the player knows where exactly they are in the overworld)
  • different background screen to the dungeon map screen. superficial, but graphic design is my passion

i don't really care about having the ability to show the name of an area that the player is on, nor the icons appearing for dungeons/shops etc. my main focus is something that functions exactly like the dungeon map script, just in a bigger and modified form.


i hope someone can do this and i really appreciate whoever has the time and energy to do so

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