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Forsaken Fortress Moblin

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#1 Sans


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Posted 14 November 2018 - 06:30 PM

heya everyone. I would like to ask a simple enemy ffc script. It's pretty simple: I would like to add a new and custom enemy: the Moblin that reacts the same way as from
the Wind Waker when Link don't have is sword. When the Moblin saw Link he'll charges at him no matter what. When he hits Link that will actives A to D direct warp.
But instead to make the same way as the Wind Waker (automaticely arrest) i would like that Link must hide at a safe spot that it'll take times that Moblins will search Link before
it gives ups. But when Link have his sword then the Moblin will react as normal Moblins.

When the Moblin charges at Link i would like that would be a chases music like from the Phantom back to PH and ST. When the Moblin gives ups then the normal music would restart again.

#2 P-Tux7



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Posted 15 November 2018 - 06:17 PM

Well, IDK if it is called simple, because this script has many things in it like

1. A rope-like enemy that can teleport Link to another screen or DMap

2. When the rope sees Link it turns into a really chasing enemy

3. A safe spot area where the rope can't see you and charge at you (No Enemy combo does not work because ropes can still charge at you when they see you there they just cannot touch you)

4. When Link has its sword it changes into a default Moblin enemy

5. Chase music happening when it is chasing you


You could also do it, instead of a rope enemy, have a ghosted enemy that walks around in a set path (so it doesn't turn around quickly like a default enemy does) and turns into a really chasing enemy if you are in its line of sight, but this would also be hard to program because you'd have to make sure it can't see through walls.

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