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Boss: Medusa

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 07:19 PM

Hello everyone i would like to ask a boss request for my quest (since i still can't make scripts.)

I have the boss room for the boss.


It's simple: I would like to make 2 phases of this boss.
The first phase will be that the boss hides in four random pits. He's invulnerable at any attacks when the boss is black. When he turns into his normal color he can be hurting by arrows.
The second phase is a little bit more difficult. Actually the boss can move more freely and pretty faster. He can be hits by the sword.

In the first phase the boss would have some attacks. He can summons some enemys included in the script. He can shoots a circle of fireballs, and he can getting out of his hole to try to hurt Link with a speed teleportation and bite him.

In the second phase the boss will move faster. His attacks will be a laser that turns Link into a stone until he getting damages. (the boss choose a random attack to hurt him immediately after paralyze Link.)
he still can shoots a circle of fireballs but a little more faster and more longer. And he can charge faster at Link with his speed teleportation. When the boss have 20% of his health he'll try to create a black hole. If Link don't runs he'll be attract to the black hole and he'll take serious damages.

For the flags arguments i would like to using flying type enemy and the explosion for his death animation with a string that will display if possible.

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