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Adventure of Link

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Posted 22 July 2010 - 10:57 AM

Took me long enough to write this thing. D:

Adventure of Link by pLeitorian
Quest Reviewed by Blaman

This quest caught my eye when I was younger and had just started playing Zelda Classic without much knowledge of the editor itself. It's no surprise it caught my eye; Zelda II is one of my favourites. =P

This quest uses the BS tileset, featuring 9 major dungeons and 1 complete overworld.

Like usual, I'll start with the graphics and presentation. The BS set it used quite nicely for the overworld at some points. Being an older quest using an older BS set, there wasn't much to choose from, but given what was available, it was solid. Though there were other points that felt very empty and as though something was missing, even with the limitations with the tileset at the time. As one might imagine, the name suggests that this is related in some way or another to Zelda II, and one would be right in assuming so. Since this quest is essentially taking Zelda II and imagining what it could have been like if it were like the original Zelda, the overworld does bear a fair resemblance to it. In terms of dungeons, again, it's fairly basic. The BS set is presented alright, but could have been used a little better to make things a little more interesting for the player.

In terms of sound and music, this one is quite interesting. It starts off with songs we'd all know from Zelda II. The classic cave theme, overworld theme, dungeon theme, etc. However, as you get farther, the music becomes much different that what one may expect for a Zelda game. Not bad, mind you, just different. It's much heavier and more charged, getting the player pumped, in a way, for the challenges ahead. Each dungeon, and most caves, for that matter, have their own music for them, and they all sound good and fitting for a challenging quest, though it may not be up everybody's alley.

Speaking of challenge, like one may expect from a quest that is based on Zelda II, this quest is hard and offers a great challenge to those who play it. Similar tricks like having to go through a cave without a candle are still present. As a matter of fact, the dungeons themselves hold very true to their original counterparts. (With a few exceptions, of course, since there weren't 9 dungeons in Zelda II, only 7.) There are many caves to travel through and challenges to face within them. For example, Death Mountain is certainly something that will tangle people up for awhile, seeing as it has a very complicated nature.

Now, this quest doesn't exactly feature anything new or exciting, so for those who are seeking out something revolutionary, you'll need to look elsewhere. For those looking for a familiar play-through with some punch and challenge, this is might be worth trying out.

Overall, I had fun playing through, even if it was really hard. It was nice seeing one's perception as to what Zelda II might have looked like if it was in the same style as the first Zelda title.

In the end, I have to give this a 7.4 for being challenging and fun. Since it was more of the same, some people may not enjoy it as much though.

You can discuss the quest here (agree or not, it's my own opinion), but please take any questions regarding this quest to Custom Quest Discussion Also, be sure to rate this quest. The author is bound to appreciate it.

Thank you.

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