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I am better than Sprint

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Posted 16 June 2018 - 03:44 PM

My phone has been crapping out on me lately. I'm not eligible for an upgrade and I don't have a lot of money, so I bought a cheap second-hand phone. After a few mishaps (protip: don't buy a phone on eBay), I got one that should have theoretically been easy to transfer over to. As it turns out, there was a problem with the SIM card that wasn't letting me activate the new phone. I don't know anything about SIM cards, so I made the obvious choice and fucked around with the phone until I broke it some more. I figured I was in over my head, so I took it to the Sprint store to have them activate it, since I was clearly not doing a good job.


Long story short, the store was useless. They told me they couldn't do anything so I had to go online. Great. I went back online, and the "online chat" feature was unavailable due to high volume. Great! Thanks to some Google searches, the conclusion I came to was that I needed to reset the SIM card so that I could use it on my account. The details are really boring, but the whole point is that I came across some random site, punched in a bunch of random numbers in the keypad (I literally don't even know what they mean or what function they serve), and I managed to reset the SIM card and activate the phone. I honestly expected the thing to stop working completely, but instead I managed to pull off in about 10 minutes what Sprint couldn't figure out through 10+ activation attempts, an in-store visit and an unavailable support chat.


What the hell is the point of your service if you can't help a customer solve the most basic of problems? The guy in the store took a photo of my driver's license to prove my identity and couldn't even get access to my account. I googled a bunch of random shit and tried a "tap and pray" technique and I was able to diagnose and fix multiple problems in almost no time at all (I've only had the phone for exactly 24 hours). I dunno, this is more of a rant than anything. I guess the point is that I'm great and Sprint sucks. And now I'll enjoy that success by playing with my new phone.

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Posted 16 June 2018 - 06:51 PM

Something kind of like this happened with me about four months ago. I had one of those cheap Net10 phones. It was a Blu Studio One, which a cursory Google search will warn about pre-installed spyware, and all that. I basically got sick of this shitty service, and elected to return to Verizon, since it was the same price ($40/ mo). I got a Samsung J3 from my cousin, who had five of them cause of a black Friday mishap (long story, but not really, he ordered one, they sent him five, and said they didn't care cause they had a lot, etc) and I was able to transfer all my stuff, with little to no issue. This was cause of my google account which I (begrudgingly) am thankful for since I was able to get all my contacts, etc back.


My old phone was rife with dumb problems though. Uber would crash, I would lose service in my house, even on Wi-Fi, and it had this sketchy update thing that kept popping up, which I declined for about a year. It also had this nifty feature where SMS messaging wouldn't work for a few days after adding a new card, cause hey, that's cute. Ultimately, I liked the technical specs of the Blu phone as it had a larger, nicer screen and much better camera, but having a phone that actually works, and isn't sending my data to some Chinese company is worth the trade off, imo.


So yes, phones suck, and are pretty much the work of Satan himself, if I had to take an educated guess. 

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