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Nayru's Love - Customized.

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 09:25 AM

Hey, guys.


I spent most of yesterday resizing, recoloring, and reanimating elements from Sonic The Hedgehog 3's Water Shield into DoR.

Its 12 frames, Speed 1. MerLink is in cs7, technically the shield is only four colors.

Can someone help me with setting this up as a scripted item? Ideally, Link goes in front of the darker animation, but behind the lighter animation.

And hopefully, all walk and slash sprites set to the MerLink and MerLink Slash tiles on the same image.

I included the bubble separate in case anyone can make it look better than I did.

I didn't know if that could be achieved with basegame, or if it needed scripting, but we're trying to get to something approximating Nayru's Love.

For the spell rockets, I don't want them to appear flying outward, just returning, with sparkles, to imply Link is force-pulling a decent amount of water from off screen, to form the shield with.

What do you guys think? :-D

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