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Aquamentus and fake Heart Container

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#1 Sans


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 06:41 PM

hello i do like to know if they exist a script i can use here like this one:


i do like the boss scripting like this and the fake heart container. and i do like to use it for the GB style i used for my quest (for the 7th dungeon) that i could create a normal Aquamentus and a robotic Aquamentus and then the fire attacks could lit the oil water.

If you can create this script well...
GOD luck guys ;)

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#2 Demonlink


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 11:37 PM

Well, to start with, script requests have to be pretty detailed if you want more people willing to volunteer. Sorry to say this, but your description is pretty vague. Yes, I understand that you shared a video demonstrating what it is that you want, but I'm afraid not everyone is willing to watch; other than that, boss requests are lesser to be scripted taking in mind the time and testing it requires. Depending on the difficulty of actually creating it, the script could take days or even weeks depending on the developer's schedule.


Now, don't let me get your hopes down either. What I suggest are the following points. First, always be modest and well mannered. Think of how to ask for requests, because trust me, it's easier for someone to agree if you ask nicely rather than demanding. Second, (and this one is important), always be specific. Scripting and programming need specific steps in order for something to be created, and it makes it easier for someone to take the task at hand given all the important stuff would be covered. On boss requests, the following things should be considered:


- What size do I want the enemy to be? 1x1? 3x3?

- The attacks you want: At what rate? (5 seconds? 5 min? Every 10 min?) What pattern do they move in? What damage do they do to Link?

- Enemy movement pattern: Walking towards Link? Flying? Random movement?

- Etc.


Anyway, I would suggest to rethink your request and add some of the missing info by taking in mind the questions I made above. Likewise, those are only example points, but they do serve for planning out exactly what you want and how you want it to behave. 


Still, don't get down if no one actually scripts it. Like I said, not everyone has time or is willing to take such requests, but that's how it is sadly. 

#3 ZoriaRPG


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 11:56 PM

Ah, I remember this. You could always hop on over to the AGN boards and ask jman if he still has the script. He may have posted it, ages ago. A search there may provide you with what you want.


Original thread: http://www.armageddo...Scripting-Power!


Note that much of this may need to be revised for 2.50 and later, as this was old 2.11 scripting code.

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#4 RedmageAdam


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Posted 13 August 2017 - 06:31 AM

I can't help you myself, but I know HeroOfFire used a script similar to that video's in one of his randomizer quests for one of the bonus bosses. If memory serves, he re-wrote it from scratch. It may be a long shot, but you could try asking him about it. Other than that, my advice would be pretty much in line with what Demonlink said. Make a script request, make sure you're as detailed as possible about every single mechanic that you would want the boss to have, then from there, patience is your best friend. There is no 100% guarantee it will be made, but if someone is willing to help you out, make sure you're not constantly pestering them about it. Best of luck.

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