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PureZC IRC Chat Rules (Updated October 2013)

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Posted 11 June 2012 - 06:34 PM

The chatroom is a much more relaxed and informal environment than the forums. We want you to be able to enjoy yourself and generally have fun. With that said, because we need to respect the rights of all users, including the right to not be subjected to disruptive behavior, there are still a few rules everyone will be expected to follow. #PureZC is considered an extension of our community, and as a result, many of the rules listed here will mirror rules listed in our Forum Rules.

Although staff decisions are non-negotiable, we will always be open to appeals and criticism. If you ever have a problem with a decision a staff member has made, you may either query them or you may post about it in our Staff Dropbox. You may also PM them on our forums or take the issue to a higher-ranking staff member if you have a problem. Generally, if you have a good reason for believing something we've done was in error, we'll listen and try to correct any mistakes we've made. You may also contact us through any of these methods if you have any questions about the rules. We promise we won't bite. Honest!

For your reference, here are a couple of useful resources that will help you get by in the chatroom and understand a lot of the terminology used:

  • Official Chat Server information -- This thread contains Mibbit links, which will allow you to quickly hop into the IRC chat without the need for either using the Java chat or downloading a client. Major downtimes will also be posted routinely in the thread, so if the chat is down, this is probably the first place to check.
  • Connecting to chat via client -- While the Java chat and Mibbit are often functional for casual chatters, using an IRC client will grant you access to a lot of extra features that will make IRC a lot easier and more fun to use. These include features to automate logging into NickServ, commands like /ignore, customizable IRC colors, and way more.
  • #PureZC Help Guide -- This old guide to IRC was written by Dethl and contains information about all the little channel modes and other things you might see!

Hope to see you in the chatroom, and thanks for reading the rules!

Chat Ranks
Also for your reference, the following are the chat ranks. If someone with one of these symbols next to their username tells you to stop doing something, you will be expected to comply or else face consequences (see rule 4). They run parallel to the forum ranks in a lot of ways. Also, it is worth noting that many retired members of staff retain channel half-op. You must listen to them, as well.

  • ~Owner(user mode +qo). The channel owner can modify every aspect of the chatroom.
  • &Administrator(user mode +ao). They can do everything ops can, in addition to being able to modify the chat ranks and modify some channel settings. All Administrators receive this rank.
  • @Operator(user mode +o). They can do everything half-ops can, in addition to being able to set some advanced channel modes, such as being able to restrict nick changes within the channel. All Forum Moderators and Database Staff receive this rank.
  • %Half-op(user mode +h). They can kick and ban users at their own discretion, set the channel topic, and have access to Balrog's @switch command, which allows them to selectively disable certain Balrog functions. All Forum and Database Assistants receive this rank.

In addition, you'll probably see users with this rank. It's not considered a staff rank and is given to most regular users, but it's worth mentioning:

  • +Voice(user mode +v). Voiced users usually gain no special powers. When moderated mode (+m) is set, only voices or higher may speak. Voice is typically only considered a formality, and moderated mode is very rarely used, so don't worry if you don't have it.

Chat Rules

1. Use common sense.

Basically, don't do anything that would be detrimental to the chatroom or its users. If something seems like it wouldn't be a good idea, then please don't do it. If you're not sure, contact a staff member and ask before doing it. Generally, you'll get along just fine if you follow this rule, as pretty much all of the other rules are modeled after this one.

2. Do not harass other chatters.

Don't be a jerk. Do not intentionally mock or insult your fellow chatgoers. If you are insulting someone and it's in a joking manner, please try and make that obvious. An emoticon, a j/k, or the ever-popular /me runsis fine.

If you have a bone to pick with someone, try your very hardest to be tactful, or if you cannot do that, keep it in a private message or a query. It is even more important to be tactful in the chatroom than on the forums, as the live nature of the environment can lead to heated situations very quickly. The staff may even skip to short temporary bans immediately in order to allow participants to calm down, if necessary.

If you feel as if someone is harassing you, do not retaliate in kind -- report the situation to a staff member and/or use the /ignorefeature, if you feel you must.

In a departure from previous rule sets, this rule applies to any PureZC members who are not present in the chatroom. You may mention that you don't like another member's behavior provided you do so in a tactful way. However, if discussing that member would be a violation of our harassment rule, it counts as a violation even if they're not present in the chatroom and you will be asked to stop. Our chatroom is not your personal venting grounds to mock or complain about people on the forums you don't like. Take it somewhere else.

3. Do not evade bans.

If you are banned from the chatroom, DO NOT evade your ban using proxies, by changing your identifier, or by changing your nick if a staff member doesn't ban you by hostname. If you do this and your ban was temporary, your ban may be extended to an indefinite one.

4. Respect the staff.

Do not rent-an-op. Offering polite suggestions and giving people pointers is fine, but if you are not a staff member, please don't try to enforce the rules on our behalf.

If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, you will be expected to comply. Backsassing the staff or insulting us for doing our job in public will almost certainly get you a stiffer penalty, so don't do it. You're welcome to appeal any staff decisions in private, however -- see the introduction.

5. Do not flood or excessively spam the chatroom.

There are no "hard" rules against off-topicality or SPAM in the chatroom -- if you want to hop in the middle of an ongoing conversation and say "I like pineapples", that's fine. However, do not say SPAM phrases multiple times with the intent to disrupt the flow of the conversation. If you say more than 5 lines in a row and it's part of you trying to have a conversation or telling a story, you won't get in trouble. If you're just spamming random keyboard bashing ("l;a34wektylg;4her") or smiley faces and it's spread out among 20 lines, you might be told to stop.

This rule also applies to excessive nick changes, excessive bot command usage, excessive joining/parting, repetitive advertising, etc. (Advertising once or twice is fine, however.)

Also, do not say 50 or so lines in a row within a short amount of time, regardless of the content. Do not paste excessively large log files or lines of code. Use Pastebin or post it on the forums, instead.

6. Do not post links to copyrighted content, illegal content, or pornography.

This is probably the most obvious rule. Do not post links to copyrighted ROM files, cracked programs, pirated music or movie downloads, etc. (YouTube links to copyrighted songs are fine.) Do not request these things. This rule applies to pornography, as well. Penalties for breaking this rule in regard to pornography will be harsh.

7. Keep it safe for work.

Generally, you can curse and mention some sexual concepts in #PureZC without major penalties -- there are no curse filters. Simply saying a curse word or mentioning a sexual concept likely won't get you in trouble. However, going into explicit detail about a sexual situation probably will. Use discretion when bringing these things up. If it's not something you'd go into detail about among polite company, it's not something you should be mentioning in #PureZC, either. Consider the channel rated PG-13.

Do not link to M-rated content either -- this includes links to excessive gore, any sexually explicit material, etc.

8. Do not abuse the /nick function.

Do not impersonate any member of our forums or our chatroom. If you are caught doing this, penalties will be harsh.

Also, try to stick with one nick. It doesn't necessarily have to be the name you use on the forums, and you can change nicks every once in a while, but don't come in with a new nick every hour or so.

9. Do not bring in unwanted bots.

If you have a bot, please ask a half-op or above before bringing it into the room. Generally, we'll be okay with it. Even if it does get approved, if it has spammy behavior, we reserve the right to ban it from the chatroom.

10. Try to keep things readable.

Generally, in the chatroom, you're given some liberties in regards to how you may type. We don't really care if you make a few typos or spelling errors here and there, and punctuation and capitalization aren't strictly necessary. However, you should still try to avoid excessive shorthand ("u r 2 cul"), 1337 sp34k, deliberately misspelling words, etc. If you're just goofing around, we'll typically grant you some leeway, but don't go overboard.

We also understand if English isn't your first language and you're having difficulty expressing yourself. As long as you're making a genuine effort to communicate, you're not going to be in trouble.

11. Do not engage in irrelevant debates.

Be careful and sensible when bringing up religion and politics. If you're simply having a discussion about it, that's okay. If you're having a debate that involves video games, the Internet, or Zelda Classic and also happens to include political or religious elements, that's okay. If you're merely out to attack others' religions or political points of view, however, that is simply not acceptable. If a discussion involving religion or politics breaks out into a back-and-forth argument and nobody else can get a word in edgewise, all involved parties may be kindly told to stop.


12. Do not exploit or abuse chatroom resources


Behavior with the intent of being destructive, annoying, or generally malicious toward approved chatroom bots, chatroom services, and channel settings will not be tolerated. This includes trying to take Balrog offline because it runs several services that are integrated with our main site (such as Who's in Chat).


If you are found to be doing actions of this sort, you will generally be given one warning and/or kick to stop unless the action is terrible enough to grind chat to a complete halt (in which case we'll go straight to a ban). If you fail to heed the warning, you will be banned from the chatroom for a lengthy amount of time depending on how serious the disruption was.

Staff Action

Generally, you will receive a notice upon violation of any minor offenses. This is just an informal, polite reminder to stop doing something, and you're not really in trouble if you get one of these. Note that these are separate from the IRC feature, /notice. Generally, the staff will send moderational notices in the IRC chatroom itself.

Upon violations of major offenses, or repeat violations of minor offenses, you will receive a warning. This is a sternly-worded message telling you to cease any behavior which we find to be a detriment to the chatroom. Failure to comply will result in a kick from the chatroom to get your attention, which will forcibly remove you from the chatroom. You may rejoin immediately after a kick, however.

If you fail to comply with the kick, this will result in a ban. Generally, first-time offenders will be banned for an hour or two to give them some time to clear their heads. Repeat violations will result in being banned for a much longer period of time, anywhere from a few days to a month to indefinitely. The staff reserve the right to skip straight to kicks or bans in certain situations, especially inflammatory ones. If you are banned indefinitely, it will result in an AKICK. This means that the BotServ bot (PureZC) will forcibly ban you from the room even if the ban list is cleared and you try to join.

Forum bans always result in chatroom bans. If you are banned from the forums, you will be banned from the chatroom as well for the length of your forum ban. When your forum ban is lifted, and you aren't yet unbanned from the chatroom, you may contact the staff team and ask to have your chat ban lifted. We'll almost always comply, provided your forum offenses weren't coupled with serious chatroom offenses.
If you are banned from the chatroom, however, it probably won't result in a forum ban, except in the case of extreme violations, especially if you have a poor record on the forums already.

If the staff team does not act on an offense and 1 day has passed, it is no longer considered grounds for banning.

Types of Bans

It is worth noting that sometimes, users may receive something called a kill, which is a sort of a kick, but for the entire IRC server. You may reconnect immediately after getting killed, however. You might also receive a G-line, which is more like a ban and will keep you from connecting to the server or joining #PureZC. You might receive one of these two message types, or something similar to them:

For kills: "[irc.bladerock.net] Local kill by IRCop (You are killed...)"
For G-lines: "You are permanently banned from this server (Ban message goes here)."

These are Bladerock server operations, and PureZC's staff are not responsible for them, as Bladerock is a separate entity from PureZC. There's really not much we can do about these. If you are G-lined, then you may appeal to Bladerock's server owner, sigtau or the IRCop that G-lined you, instead.

Bladerock Server Rules

In addition to the #PureZC chat rules, you're also expected to abide by the Bladerock server rules, as #PureZC is an IRC channel located on that IRC server. You can type /ruleswhile connected to the server to read them at any time. For your convenience, the most recent version (as of September 5, 2012) will be displayed below.

- irc.bladerock.net Server Rules -
- The following outlines the rules and regulations of irc.bladerock.net.  These
- rules are required reading for server participants and are expected to be
- adhered to.  Failure to do so may result in termination from the server, or
- worse--a ban from the server.
- The use of this server denotes your agreement to the rules outlined below.
- ------------
- Rules marked with an asterisk (*) denote a rule that is enforced strictly
- enough to warrant an indefinite or permanent ban from the server.
- 1.  Respect the IRCops
- The IRCops, admins, netadmins, and server owner are the ultimate authorities
- on this server, each answering to the next rank in the list.  We enforce these
- rules strictly, and it is our personal obligation to ensure that Bladerock
- delivers a fun IRC experience to all of its users.  We do not abuse our power
- (outside of good humor towards those who understand the joke), so if a
- punishment is delivered against you or another user by an IRCop, you are
- expected to understand and respect their decision.
- 2. Illegal Content*
- Any content or links deemed illegal by United States federal law is prohibited.
- This includes (but is certainly not limited to): torrents containing illegal or
- pirated content, child pornography, websites devoted to hacking for destructive
- causes, etc.  It should also be noted that such content or links are prohibited
- not only in discussion through channels on this server, but also in private
- message through this server--in either case, the data is exchanged through the
- server, which would make Bladerock one of the responsible parties.
- 3. Cybersex/Pornography*
- Pornography is permitted in any channel whose operators allow it, but
- any such illegal pornography (child pornography, bestiality, lolicon,
- etc.) is grounds for immediate permanent ban from the server.
- Channels devoted solely to cybersex are not allowed, but we do not take
- responsibility for what goes on in a private message session between
- two legally consenting users.
- 4. Bots/Automated Users
- Bots are allowed on the server, under the condition that they are not on the
- server for any malicious purpose or directly inconvenience unsuspecting users.
- Bladerock provides its own bot services for auto-voicing and auto-opping
- through BotServ.  Use /MSG BOTSERV HELP for more information.
- 5. Harassment of Users
- Harassment includes (but is not limited to): the public incrimination of
- other users, the use or registration of nicknames that are utilized for the
- sole purpose of distressing other users, and/or hateful, bigoted, or
- otherwise insulting remarks towards another user using public or private
- means on this server.
- Harassing activity is not permitted on this server, however users are advised
- to mitigate any harassment by making use of their client's /IGNORE feature.
- If harassment of another user escalates to a level where a simple ignore mask
- does not handle the issue, the IRCops may step in to remove any offending
- users.  Harassment of IRCops directly is subject to immediate ban from the
- server.
- 6. Elastic Clause
- Network staff members reserve the right to modify and interpret these rules as
- they see fit, under the condition that the situation at hand becomes necessary
- reason to do so.
- 7. Adherence to Channel Rules
- The rules of any channel (whether or not a channel has any) hosted on Bladerock
- must yield to these rules of the server.  Furthermore, the server staff also
- has no jurisdiction over individual channel rules (and any disciplinary action
- brought upon someone by channel staff as a result of such rules) provided that
- they do not violate these server rules.
- 8. Mass Highlights
- While generally it is standard Bladerock policy not to interfere with channel
- specific manners, it has become enough of an issue in recent years to warrant
- a policy regarding it: please *do not* send out mass-nick highlights
- throughout a channel in order to grab everyone's attention at once.  If you
- need to contact anyone directly, simply mention their name--not the entire
- channel.
- For those unfamiliar, "highlight" is IRC slang for when a user's name is
- mentioned, their client will often beep or blink visibly on their screen
- to let them know they've been summoned by another user.
- Many of our users, especially our staff, will leave our clients open
- 24/7 in case anything happens so that we 1) have logs of the event, and
- 2) can spring into action immediately.  Getting highlighted in such a trivial
- situation is not only annoying, but also makes it more difficult to us to
- respond to situations that may need immediate attention.
- Users found to be in violation of this rule will be given one warning, after
- which an indefinite network-wide ban will be applied.
- ------------
- As stated above, these rules are required reading for all participants of
- Bladerock. If you do not agree to these rules, we ask that you please use
- the /QUIT command and save yourself the trouble of being terminated from
- the server.
- Thanks for reading.
- ------------

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