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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

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On the Green - September 2015
Posted by The Satellite , 06 Sep 2015
Welcome to On the Green, the PureZC monthly newsletter! What a busy season! With school coming back into session for many, everyone should devote the due amount of diligence to ... Zelda Classic, of course! Between the 2-week quest contest, the upcoming Fall Expo and more, there should be plenty to be excited about this fall!

Staff Notes
  • We'd like to welcome Shane as a new host of Screenshot: Challenge Accepted. We look forward to seeing the new energy and ideas he brings to the contest!
Community Spotlight
  • Voting is now open for the Summer 2015 Two Week Quest Contest! voting will remain open for a few weeks. There's a lot of great entries, so if you haven't played them yet, there's still time before voting closes!
  • The 2015 Fall Expo will open for submissions in early October! Planning to submit to the expo? Why not use this time to think of how best to format your entry?
Hot Items
  • Return to Koholint by ModernLink: An ambitious effort from a newcomer to PureZC, this quest has a classic feel with a unique twist. Check it out for yourself!
Hot Projects
  • Legend of Lana Gaiden by Lunaria: A sequel to the original Legend of Lana quest which features a full RPG system and some new spells.
  • Legend of Zelda Sword of Souls by legend27: After being discontinued, legend is now picking up the quest project again with an all new approach and many new ideas.
  • Lost Historia by Shane: This story-driven quest project aims to be Shane's most serious project yet, however most of the quest's details is being kept hidden for now.
  • The Third Legacy by Lüt: This quest aims to stick to the basics of classic NES style Zelda, along with quite a lot ALTTP influences.
Random Quest Spotlight
With PureZC's late creator's birthday this past August 23rd, how suitable that this month's Random Quest Spotlight goes to Ocarina of Power by Wild Bill! Not only is it timely, it's the first quest ever added to the database! The quest is a fairly traditional adventure in terms of dungeon structure, with graphics in the BS tileset. It incorporates a large number of ZC items, leaving out only a few when it was created back in 2002. Over these years, it's received many positive reviews, with some praising its simplicity and the way it makes the most out of a traditional quest structure. Others, however, found it a little too generic without enough innovation. Who's right? Find out for yourself! In either case it's a piece of PureZC history, and definitely worth a play!
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Quest New
The 5th Sword
By DustyDeath , Oct 03
Update: The Legend of Zelda: Ga...
By ywkls , Sep 27
Update: Link's Awakening (Zelda...
By ywkls , Sep 24
Flaming Bricks
By Lunaria , Sep 14
Update: Various Tiles
By ywkls , Sep 13
Update: Balance of Nature
By ywkls , Sep 12
Update: Legend Of Zelda - Templ...
By TK8305 , Sep 11
Update: FFC Raft
By Moosh , Sep 11
Quest Project Feed
Adam's Quest Redux
has a new update, Oct 03
The Legend Of Amy Rose ...
has a new update, Oct 02
DayDay 7: Joel's Lucky Day
was just opened, Oct 02
Doom Isle
was just opened, Oct 02
The Legend of Zelda - A...
has a new update, Oct 02
Dawn of A New Day
has new screenshots, Oct 02
Dawn of A New Day
was just opened, Oct 01
Winter Curse Demo 0.2.0
has a new update, Sep 30
Zelda 4: The Death of t...
has a new update, Sep 30
Legend of Lana Gaiden
has a new update, Sep 29
Zelda 4: The Death of t...
has new screenshots, Sep 29
Kingdom of Disharmony
has a new update, Sep 27
Kingdom of Disharmony
has new screenshots, Sep 27
Zelda 4: The Death of t...
has a new update, Sep 27
Quest Project Updates
1 replies Posted 02 Oct 2015 in Adam's Quest Redux
5 replies Posted 02 Oct 2015 in The Legend Of Amy Rose 3: Oracle of the Emerald
3 replies Posted 02 Oct 2015 in The Legend of Zelda - Attack of the Sprites
2 replies Posted 30 Sep 2015 in Winter Curse Demo 0.2.0
0 replies Posted 29 Sep 2015 in Zelda 4: The Death of the Windfish