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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

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On the Green - September 2014
Posted by Nathaniel , 07 Sep 2014
Welcome to the fifth edition of On The Green! This will be my last edition hosting it, as I will be retiring from my staff position very soon. However, I do plan to still contribute to portions of these newsletters after my retirement, in much the same way that Aevin, LinktheMaster, and nicklegends have contributed to all the issues thus far. One or more administrators will take over the role as the host. Plans are still in the works on who that will be.

Community Digest
  • ZC 2.50.1 RC 3 has been released! Please download for the most updated version of Zelda Classic. A round of applause to the developers for their many hours of work.
  • Enemy of the Month now has its own subforum among the PureZC Events! The event has stood the test of time, and is thus worthy of this honor. Congratulations go out to DaviAwesome, who has earned having his own forum for his excellent contribution to PureZC
  • ZCast is a new stream and podcast hosted by LinktheMaster and DCEnygma, discussing Zelda Classic, video games, movies, and more! Interviews with other PureZC members are now also included, starting with the third podcast. The first show began August 23rd, and is broadcasted live on Saturdays at 2pm EST. More information to find here.
  • ZeldaGrabber is a new program available, designed by AviSoft. It grabs screens from Zelda Classic that you can dynamically construct maps from. Many more details can be found in its topic.
  • The Fall 2014 Expo is approaching! As announced before, it begins on October 26th, with entries due October 24th. Additional information can be found in its announcement thread. If you wish to submit your work to the expo, time is limited for planning if you haven't started yet, but still plausible. For those already preparing for the expo, best of luck on your continued progress.

Hot Items
  • Hitodama by Aevin: A metroidvania-style quest with tons of hidden secrets, Hitodama opened to mostly positive reviews.
  • LoZ The Flow of Time (Remastered) by Obderhode: A new dungeon romper with mostly positive reviews, this quest has generated a lot of activity in its forum thread.
  • Randomizer Super Version by HeroOfFire: The latest entry in the popular Randomizer series, this promises to offer the best of previous entries and more!

Hot Projects
Random Quest Spotlight
End of Time DX by Pineconn
A remake of End of Time located on the ZC.com database, End of Time DX is a 2.10 Dungeon Romper with a rating of 4.53. The quest has received mostly positive reviews with people stating that it's a "well made 2.10 quest" with well designed dungeon puzzles. You should definitely check it out of you've played Pineconn's original End of Time or other quest, Link to the Heavens!

Current and Upcoming Contests
  • Screenshot: Challenge Accepted - Vote in #56 - Recreate a screen from DayDay, in two colors, Submit to #57 - Overworld screen with darkness or fog, and a powerful enemy
  • Map of the Month - Vote in #55, Submit to #56 - due at the end of this month
  • Enemy of the Month - Submit to #7 - Bullet Hell - Submissions due on October 2nd
  • Screenshot of the Week - Submissions due every Sunday

It has been an honor to have this opportunity to write this over several months, and here is to many more! I like to thank the PureZC staff for their constant support, Zelda Classic, the developers, and most importantly, the PureZC membership! Without you, we couldn't do any of this.
Database Submissions
Quest New
Update: Quest 744
By Bagel , Sep 13
Update: MischaPetya's 5th Quest
By MischaPetya , Sep 08
Update: Dance of Remembrance: H...
By Demonlink , Sep 07
Update: Directional Boomerang G...
By King Aquamentus , Sep 04
Update: Hitodama
By Aevin , Sep 04
Directional Boomerang G...
By King Aquamentus , Sep 04
Hellrobe (Autoghost)
By Freya , Sep 02
BS Male Mascot Full Sheet
By Nexas , Sep 01
Quest Project Feed
Wizra's Arena
has a new demo, Sep 16
Wizra's Arena
has new screenshots, Sep 16
Wizra's Arena
was just opened, Sep 16
The Odyssey of Cucumber...
has a new update, Sep 15
The Rusted Soul
has a new update, Sep 15
Kusoge! 「クソゲー」
has a new update, Sep 15
The 3 Forces 2: Revenge...
has a new update, Sep 13
Secret of Grefall
has a new demo, Sep 12
Secret of Grefall
has new screenshots, Sep 12
Secret of Grefall
was just opened, Sep 12
A Tale of Greifland
has new screenshots, Sep 12
Link's Survival Island:...
was just opened, Sep 09
Hero's Story 2: Cursed ...
has a new update, Sep 09
A Tale of Greifland
has a new update, Sep 09
Quest Project Updates
4 replies Posted 15 Sep 2014 in The Odyssey of Cucumber Islands
0 replies Posted 15 Sep 2014 in The Rusted Soul
0 replies Posted 15 Sep 2014 in Kusoge! 「クソゲー」
1 replies Posted 13 Sep 2014 in The 3 Forces 2: Revenge of Death Link
4 replies Posted 09 Sep 2014 in Hero's Story 2: Cursed Blood