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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

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On the Green - July 2015
Posted by The Satellite , 05 Jul 2015
Welcome once again to On the Green, the PureZC monthly newsletter! Quest production has been a little slow lately, but there's plenty of summer left to produce your masterpiece of adventure! In the mean time, the music database is really hopping! Why not give a listen and a rating to the midis there? You might even find something for your own projects!

Staff Notes
  • We are happy to bring Jaghnus as our new Forum Assistant! We are confident he will do a great job.
  • Both Eddy and Nexas have been moved from Chat Staff to Database Assistant and Forum Assistant, respectively. Big congratulations to them!
  • Please also welcome our new chat staff: Evan20000, Hergiswi, and Nathaniel! We are excited to have so many past retired staff in the chat room!
  • Finally, a big thank you to everyone who submitted a staff application. There were many great applicants, but unfortunately so few positions to fill. If you are still interested in becoming a staff member, we hope you'll consider applying next time.
Community Spotlight
  • The Purist has got their third issue published, featuring Eddy, who is reviewing the quest "The Legend of Zelda - Remastered 1st Quest" by Matthew Bluefox. Discussion and thoughts regarding the review are heavily encouraged, so why not drop by and take a read? Maybe this could be the quest for you?
  • And guess what? Issue #4 is up too! What Smash Bros 4 newcomers are your favorites? In this newest article, Scootaloo discusses her personal favorites, and you're welcome to join in.
Hot Items
  • Big Moldorm by ywkls: A scripted lanmola type enemy with an "angry" mode inspired by LttP's Big Moldorm.
  • Groundhog Emotional Cutscene by Aslion: If you go in expecting groundhogs you'll be disappointed, but this original midi is still worth a listen.
  • LttP Style Bow by Lejes: An item/ffc script that provides a bow animation and delay to mimic the bow from LttP!
Hot Projects
  • A Tale of Greifland by GrantGrief: This story-driven quest project features a massive, diverse overworld where exploration is key to success!
  • BETA by Dimentio and Joelmacool12: A joke quest that promises to be much more than that! Features include entertaining dungeons, fully scripted items, and big custom bosses!
Random Quest Spotlight
Link fights enemies, uncovers secrets, and collects items in every Zelda game. But never has he fought quite so many enemies, uncovered quite so many secrets or collected quite so many items as he does in tlseward's Link Saves the Girl 3. As the name implies, this quest follows Link as he attempts to save the girl for the third time. Neither the quest's story nor its map design is particularly inspired, but what the product lacks in creativity it makes up in gameplay quality. The overworld is large and almost completely accessible from the start of the adventure, fostering a satisfying sense of discovery even before one enters the first level. Enemies are everywhere, but they never feel totally overwhelming: it's clear that tlseward took the time to tune the difficulty carefully. The New 1st Graphics are simple but used effectively, complementing thoughtful MIDI selections. All in all, Link Saves the Girl 3 is a fun romp very much in the spirit of the original Legend of Zelda. Give it a shot; just remember to stock up on bombs!

Current and Upcoming Contests Thanks for reading, everyone! Let's have a great summer with lots of Zelda Classic action!
Database Submissions
Quest New
Update: The Land of Anarchy
By bmc10011 , Jul 31
Update: Lost Identity
By RedTribeLink , Jul 28
The Land of Anarchy
By bmc10011 , Jul 27
Update: Legend of Lana
By Lunaria , Jul 27
Update: Dance of Remembrance: H...
By Demonlink , Jul 26
Koten Lana
By Cjc , Jul 25
I am mad day 2
By bmc10011 , Jul 24
Update: Isle of Rebirth
By Evan20000 , Jul 24
Quest Project Feed
Secret Skies
has a new update, Jul 31
An Item Fantasy
has new screenshots, Jul 31
Legend of Vandis
has new screenshots, Jul 31
Zelda 3: The Return of ...
has a new update, Jul 31
Zelda 3: The Return of ...
has new screenshots, Jul 31
A Link to a Fire Temple
has a new update, Jul 31
A Link to a Fire Temple
was just opened, Jul 31
Legend of Lana 2 - Reve...
has new screenshots, Jul 30
Winter Curse Demo 0.1.2
has a new demo, Jul 30
Winter Curse Demo 0.1.2
has a new update, Jul 29
Winter Curse Demo 0.1.2
has a new update, Jul 29
FYS Tileset quest (real...
has a new update, Jul 29
An Item Fantasy
has a new update, Jul 29
Lost Historia
was just opened, Jul 28
Quest Project Updates
0 replies Posted 31 Jul 2015 in Secret Skies
0 replies Posted 30 Jul 2015 in Zelda 3: The Return of Ganon
4 replies Posted 30 Jul 2015 in A Link to a Fire Temple
7 replies Posted 29 Jul 2015 in Winter Curse Demo 0.1.2
0 replies Posted 29 Jul 2015 in Winter Curse Demo 0.1.2