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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

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On the Green - November 2014
Posted by The Satellite , 02 Nov 2014
Welcome to On the Green, the PureZC monthly newsletter. Between the Halloween season, the Expo, and the Random Theme Contest, this has been a busy month for quest makers and players alike. We've collected some of this month's highlights here, but there's plenty to explore on your own, too.

Community Digest
  • The PureZC Fall Expo is in full swing! Here's a chance to have a look at what many quest makers have been working on. There's eleven entries to check out, many with demos to play. Feel free to take a look, and leave ratings and comments. Thanks go out to all expo participants for helping make it happen!
Hot Items
  • ALttP Bumpers by Moosh: An FFC script that provides A Link to the Past style bumpers. BOOOING!!
  • Bombs Shake the Screen by Avataro: A simple global script that adds a quake effect for more dramatic explosions! BOOM!!
  • The Islands of Zelda by Lightwulf: Explore a world of many islands on the sea in this unique quest. *dramatic onomatopoeia*
  • TLoZ: Tower of Courage by Flying Fish and boltfox20: This LttP style quest has a big overworld to explore and lots of items to find.
Hot Projects
  • Metroid 1 Remake by King Aquamentus: A metroidvania featuring Super Metroid graphics, this project aims to recreate the original Metroid in Zelda Classic!
  • The Rusted Soul by Limebeer: A quest featuring lots of secrets and a unique graphical style, this project has received a lot of recent update activity.
Random Quest Spotlight

Simple Link's Awakening by King Aquamentus:
Ever wondered what Link's Awakening would be like in Classic style? No? Well, here's your answer, anyway! Simple Link's Awakening plays like a Screen Rebirth challenge in quest form. You'll explore some familiar looking areas with a unique graphical twist. As its name suggests, this demake has a simplified story compared to the original, toning down many aspects to fit more smoothly with its NES style. Some players have praised it for bringing on the nostalgia while providing a fresh experience, but watch out for bugs!

Current and Upcoming Contests
  • Screenshot: Challenge Accepted: Vote on the Spooktacular Challenge 59, and submit to #60's Screen Rebirth.
  • Map of the Month: Vote in MotM #57 by November 30th.
  • Enemy of the Month: Voting on the Bullet Hell theme has been delayed, but is coming soon!
  • Screenshot of the Week: Submissions are due every Sunday. Head over to the Events Forum to vote and submit.
  • Random Theme Contest: All the submissions are in! Try each of these unique quests and vote for your favorite.
Database Submissions
Quest New
Update: BigJoe's 5th Quest Entr...
By BigJoe , Nov 23
Quest New
Update: Randomizer Super Version
By HeroOfFire , Nov 22
Quest New
Update: Randomizer BS Zelda Ver...
By HeroOfFire , Nov 22
Quest New
Update: TLoZ: Flashback 2nd Quest
By EddyTheOliveira , Nov 22
Passive Subscreen A/B C...
By justin , Nov 21
Update: TLoZ: Flashback
By EddyTheOliveira , Nov 20
744: Illuminate
By Spamcakes , Nov 19
Triangle Dancers
By legend27 , Nov 19
Quest Project Feed
The River of Destiny
has new screenshots, Nov 23
The River of Destiny
has a new demo, Nov 23
The River of Destiny
has a new demo, Nov 23
The River of Destiny
has a new demo, Nov 23
Turtles Hate Candy
has a new demo, Nov 22
Turtles Hate Candy
has a new update, Nov 22
Turtles Hate Candy
has new screenshots, Nov 22
Turtles Hate Candy
was just opened, Nov 22
The River of Destiny
was just opened, Nov 21
Hero's Story 2: Cursed ...
has a new demo, Nov 21
Hero's Story 2: Cursed ...
has a new update, Nov 21
Hal's Great Cave Offensive
was just opened, Nov 20
Metroid: Zquest Mission
has a new update, Nov 20
Hal's Great Cave Offensive
has new screenshots, Nov 19
Quest Project Updates
0 replies Posted 22 Nov 2014 in Turtles Hate Candy
3 replies Posted 21 Nov 2014 in Hero's Story 2: Cursed Blood
4 replies Posted 19 Nov 2014 in Metroid: Zquest Mission
5 replies Posted 18 Nov 2014 in Hero's Legend 2: Secrets of the Legend
5 replies Posted 17 Nov 2014 in The Legend of Zelda: Hylian's Legacy