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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

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On the Green - June 2015
Posted by Aevin , 07 Jun 2015
Welcome once again to On the Green, the PureZC monthly newsletter! It's summer for much of the world, and with school letting out, many members should have an abundance of time to play and make quests. But don't neglect other resources, either. Remember that other members may find the music or custom tiles used in your own quest valuable as well. Why not share the wealth?

Staff Notes
  • We are now accepting applications for new staff. There are two open positions available. If you're interested, check out here for details and how to apply. Applications close June 21st.
  • There were a lot of staff promotions these past weeks. Congratulations to Eddy and Nexas for being promoted to Chat Staff, DaviAwesome to a Forum Assistant, and Aevin to an Administrator! Let's hope they all do a great job with their new positions.
  • To avoid further confusion between General Discussion and General Entertainment, the staff have decided to rename General Entertainment to Gaming and Entertainment.
  • Furthermore, General Computer Discussion/Aid has been renamed to Computers and Technology to broaden the focus of the forum a little bit.
Community Spotlight
  • The Purist has published their second issue, featuring Jaghnus and Binx! Check it out to hear their thoughts on inserting custom music into games. Discussion is encouraged, so why not drop by and give your own ideas on the subject?
Hot Items
  • How Do I Play Zelda by Joelmacool12: An actual non-joke quest by Joelmacool! This dungeon romper features gorgeous screen design, a whopping eleven dungeons, and two gigantic overworlds!
  • Zelda Awakening Enemies by Mero: These authentic loose tiles are a compilation of all the sprites from Zelda's Awakening, useful for replacing existing enemy sprites or for creating custom enemies!
  • Rocket Quest Title Song by RocketGrunt: This Punk-Rock genre MIDI features an upbeat, memorable theme! Why not use it for the title screen of your quest?
Hot Projects
  • Ganon's Resurrection Reborn by DaLink: A quest about the resurrection of Ganon has been resurrected itself! After a long hiatus, this project has received a lot of attention in its new form.
  • The Nightfall Blade by Coolgamer012345 and Jared: This project features a story steeped in classic Zelda lore, but with some original twists.
  • Quest 745 by Bagel: The sequel to the popular Quest 744, this project aims to improve on the original with far more than a single digit.
  • TLoZ: The Whistle of Wisdom by Joelmacool12: Another serious quest project from prolific quest maker Joelmacool, the finished quest will feature stray fairies like those found in Majora's Mask!
Random Quest Spotlight
Legend of Zelda -Temples of Turmoil by TK8305:
Originally posted on October 12, 2013, this quest revolves around Link saving Zelda from Ganon yet again, though this time in the peculiar land of Elemia! This supposedly onerous, combat-focused quest has Link rummage through eight different temples in search of Gemstones. Some people commend this quest for its decorative aesthetics and imaginative and creative dungeons while others find its screens egregiously teeming with enemies. If you are searching for a combat-based challenge, then definitely check this one out!

Current and Upcoming Contests Thanks for reading! We hope everyone has a great vacation, a great summer, or a great ... whatever it is in your part of the world!
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By Lightwulf , Jul 01
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By ywkls , Jun 29
Update: LA Nightmare Final Form...
By ywkls , Jun 29
Update: Big Moldorm (Autoghost)
By ywkls , Jun 29
Update: Maze of Hyrule fail
By bmc10011 , Jun 27
LTTP-Style Agahnim (Aut...
By ywkls , Jun 27
Link's Awakening Pieces...
By ZoriaRPG , Jun 27
Update: Link stuck in Castlevania
By Alucard648 , Jun 27
Quest Project Feed
Legend of Zelda R8
has a new demo, Jul 01
Brightsea Empire
has a new update, Jun 30
Legend of Zelda R8
has new screenshots, Jun 30
The Land of Anarchy
has a new demo, Jun 30
Legend of Zelda R8
was just opened, Jun 30
has a new update, Jun 29
has a new demo, Jun 29
A Tale of Greifland
has new screenshots, Jun 27
A Tale of Greifland
has a new update, Jun 26
Grab the rupee and go!
has new screenshots, Jun 23
Zodiac: Story of the Gu...
has a new demo, Jun 23
Ganon's Resurrection Re...
has a new update, Jun 22
Single Dungeon Quest (W...
has a new demo, Jun 21
Single Dungeon Quest (W...
has new screenshots, Jun 21
Quest Project Updates
4 replies Posted 29 Jun 2015 in Brightsea Empire
3 replies Posted 29 Jun 2015 in FunshineDX
3 replies Posted 26 Jun 2015 in A Tale of Greifland
3 replies Posted 22 Jun 2015 in Ganon's Resurrection Reborn
8 replies Posted 21 Jun 2015 in TLoZ: The Whistle of Wisdom