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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

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On the Green - January 2015
Posted by LinktheMaster , 04 Jan 2015
Welcome to another edition of On the Green! With 2014 at an end, it's time to look back at some of the greatest achievements of the past year. We mean Zelda Classic achievements, of course! With year's end contests and some great quests and projects, there's a lot to be excited for in 2015!

Staff Notes
  • As a quick reminder, there's been some additional rules added for the Let's Play section of the forum. The rules go into full effect on January 16th, so be sure to check them out.
Community Spotlight
  • The 2014 Superlatives are awards highlighting achievements in both Zelda Classic and on the forums. Nominations open on Monday, January 5th, with voting soon to follow.
  • Map of the Year is up for voting. Check out the three starting brackets, and vote for your favorites in each!
  • Screenshot of the Year will open on January 11th. Check the forum for more details, soon!
Hot Items
  • Light of the Heavens 3.0 by Russ: A remake of the Light of the Heavens, this quest features a deep story, beautiful scenery, and some unique scripted features.
  • SCKnuckles' Worst Nightmare by EddytheOliveira: A well-balanced dungeon romper about a day in the life of LP'er and forum member SCKnuckles.
  • To the Top by TheOnlyOne: Climb a gigantic tower in this highly-anticipated 2.10 quest, which gives way more than you'd expect by making the most of ZC 2.10's capabilities. It's fully playable in 2.5, so give it a shot!
Hot Projects
  • The Balance of Nature by ywkls: A quest set in Holodrum and featuring a large number of dungeons and custom enemies.
  • The Chapters of Enova by Shoelace: This highly-anticipated project from the maker of Hero of Dreams promises a gorgeous world in the sky with some pretty unique methods of travel ...
  • I Dunno by Nekoishi: This goal of this quest from newcomer Nekoishi is to defeat the DEATH TREE with all the DEATH contained therein. It's in its early stages, so watch to see how it develops!
Random Quest Spotlight
Zelda's Butt by Spram:
Quests are like butts: the good ones are well-rounded and fun to explore, keeping your attention for hours on end. But like butts, good quests are difficult to find. So how lucky are we that PureZC's random quest function came upon Zelda's Butt by Spram? The product of eight years of development, Zelda's Butt follows the story of Link as he sets out to rescue Zelda's "very cute" behind from the clutches of Ganon. Jokes aside, this quest is absolutely charming. It uses distinctly fresh, bright graphics that beautifully convey a large world full of diverse environments. On your way between the quest's many dungeons, you'll explore lush jungles, vast deserts, slimy caves, and every other biome known to mankind. Spram does a great job of offering more than meets the eye, with subtle but fair secrets abundant across the landscape. The dungeons have some of the most creative premises and designs you'll see. It won't take long for you to wonder if the dungeons' maps are really as helpful as they seem. Thankfully, if you get stuck, there is a handy guide included with the download. If you go in expecting a simple joke quest, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find it's anything butt. So go ahead: download the file and unzip to reveal the beauty of Zelda's Butt for yourself.

Current and Upcoming Contests
  • Enemy of the Month - Vote on #8's Fall theme, or submit to #9's Winter theme!
  • Screenshot: Challenge Accepted - Keep your eyes open for Challenge 63, opening for voting soon!
  • Map of the Month - Vote in #59 and submit to #60. Don't forget to vote in Map of the Year!
  • Screenshot of the Week - Submissions due every Sunday. Screenshot of the Year coming soon.
The PureZC staff wishes all of you the best in the coming year.
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Scripted Step Triggers
By Avataro , Jan 22
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has a new update, Feb 01
Zodiac: Story of the Gu...
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The Chapters of Enova
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Zodiac: Story of the Gu...
has a new demo, Jan 31
Randomizer Outlands
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Randomizer Outlands
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Randomizer Outlands
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Tower of Time
has a new update, Jan 31
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